Monday random: cold and sunny

  • It feels as if it could snow, but it does not yet, and for that I am grateful
  • I need new gloves first
  • and a new hat, as my favourite one is wearing thin–a leopard print fuzzy thing that makes me happy and warm, but sometimes brings to me strange looks
  • Ah well, I can only be me. I stopped trying to please others years ago as it was not working
  • At least when you behave as yourself, with your own style, like my hair, which I never cut, you are not a fraud.
  • You can step out the door on a day such as today with no thought of worry about how your shoes go with your pocketbook.
  • Breakfast this morning is eggs, tomatoes, and young onions, wrapped in a steamed tortilla.
  • No cheese, as I can generally live without it. Though a nice hard sharp cheddar is desired sometimes
  • Monday! Again!
  • We have made it here after a challenging week, and that is something to cheer for.

Have a great Monday, and feel free to say hello, if you should be inclined to! Cheers to another week, and thank you, God for another do-over.



Chasing butterflies

smell pink rose

every green
nourishes me
pulling me further
from the gray
fuchsia and coral
begonia and mother-of-pearl


oh what a whirl
of sight
and color
after paltry days of torpor
I tend to grasp at

bee in rose

so I learn here
what it means
to fill up with joy
I’m a girl
he’s a boy
chasing butterflies
across sun-dappled foliage


Monday random



  • Could I edit my feature photo to be a little smaller?
  • Sure I could
  • But I woke up to brilliant sunshine and a temp here of -2°F
  • I am planting a little mental spring garden to give me the will to go out the door this morning
  • today, on March 4
  • mmhmm
  • positivity is key
  • So this was intended to be a handful of random thoughts
  • instead I am harping on winter
  • winter that wants to stay
  • here’s a thought, and a tip for the day
  • Bakers? Don’t forget that even a sweet treat needs a pinch of salt in it to bring out the sweetness. Not much, just a half teaspoon, perhaps a quarter, or only a pinch. It’s chemistry. It works. Please trust me on this!
  • In other news, I am continuing sewing memory pillows for a friend. The first two were fashioned from sweaters, as will the next after this project today
  • which is two pillows made from a first communion dress from the sixties
  • It has been very rewarding, but gives me sweats taking the clothing apart, these dear memorials people held on to for so long
  • I just don’t want to screw it up.
  • But so far, so good
  • After that, writing, both a side project, and my own
  • And, if I get a couple of hours left at the end of the day in which I do not pass out early, I will watch an old movie I have been saving to watch with hubby
  • In the meantime–Onward, ho!
  • Think spring.


Monday Random–been a while

  • My last Monday Random featurette was in November.
  • I am slacking in a few things
  • The words keep coming but they are not all in order
  • I find it difficult to even look at my novels right now
  • But I must finish
  • I did not make New Year’s resolutions this year, except perhaps an unspoken one, that I would finish all my started projects
  • I love the start!
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August wasn’t meant to dispense mercy
every bit of heat and glare possible
concocted by a troubled day
that some find shiny.
If I were honest, I do feel guilty
for grumbling, even silently, of
perspiration. aggravation. recalescence.
a created coolbringing option on my car
that doesn’t keep up, but
I know it wants to, panting
at every red light and train crossing
coughing for a good five minutes
after I have taken out the key

Naked in espadrilles


It was entertaining
the pain-bringing of my burden
lifting like a curtain

We clash’d and we were bruised
in sweaty battles and southern comfort
in the wettest puddles
ever had. Including mine.
That sounds very Seuss

Let’s discuss how mean
to not find a soft place to land
after un-relenting grey skies with rain

I understand you conquered the beast-
my second-best pen
telling stories from the davenport
melting the ice–left and neglected
the flood taking over the house

I am undaunted–laughing at the rules–
meditating on how the mind is the sexiest organ
and on how we used to be good

The poem is a cut-up or found poem from my own writings
The painting is by Théo van Rysselberghe, unknown title

Something I never told you

When you see me bright and shining here, at 3671 Hudson I have the shades pulled down. I open them for the sunrise, then close them when it is high in the sky. At sunset, I open them again. Sometimes. Other weeks they stay shut for days while I type, printing off stacks of pages in neat rows. On days like today, listening to The Guess Who and Janis Joplin, I open the windows wide. The shades are up and I don’t notice what I am wearing, or if I am wearing next to nothing. The music floods through the screens to tell the neighborhood how I feel young and I dance. I dance through the first floor apartment with the sunshine laying tracks over the carpet and the kitchen floor. I imagine they all are watching and I am on a stage–one that I envisioned when I was eight–and I dance on through the day until the music is finished.

Monday Random: Words

  • Words matter, and to me they matter probably more than people which is wrong– I know it’s wrong, so I’m working on that. I do feel guilty for saying that.
  • Words get propers from me because they kept me going between the ages of 10-20, and now they are saving my life.  I have to be grateful for that.
  • I was in the best, coolest conversation this weekend and I interrupted at an important juncture, taking the steam out of a good story I was hearing. I still feel badly about it. I would like to say something now to the storyteller and apologize, but that’s weird. I recognize it’s weird to agonize about it now. But I do want to be a better listener–

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The weaver speaks with his hands

This idyllic day should conjure up words like
daydream, breeze, lovely, carefree, ripe, and luxurious
but I move through my day with some agitation. I do
as I always do, my responsibilities, with pauses
for reverie. But my moments of thought are honeycomb’d

with words like careful, caution, reticence, and thief
and others such as grief, broken, torn and flambéed;
our days so carefree in the forest
as we reach the perimeter – bathed in sunlight-
each fault shown up, each danger splashed with crimson.

Hands that create and form and weave delicate strands
could be trusted, might be counted on
to put together a story that I could live with
my fancies coming to life with holidays and ruffled dresses-
childhood realities I knew existed – but not for me.

Weave me a tale of red leaves and sunshine
and an autumn day, most fair, but I know
it is April, not October. The monsters pounding
on the bolted doors, the bear paws clawing
at the eaves – they will find a way in-