Your Loss, pt. 2

noir street


part 1


Robert took Petra out every night that week. Wednesday he took her on a river boat ride. The water that was green during the day glimmered under moonlight. On Thursday they settled at a smoky club, claiming a corner table as theirs for hours. She talked about times before the war and reminisced. He looked into her eyes and got lost. On Friday he realized as evening was coming on that they had not made any plans. The evening loomed empty ahead of him and he stayed home with the cat and tinkered at the piano. About 9:30, the phone rang and he jumped up, catching it on the second ring.


“Robert, I need you. I need you please! Hurry!”

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Your Loss


“What do I have to lose?” Petra said, tossing a nickel on the roulette table, red 26.

“Your last nickel,” said a deep voice behind her and higher than her head,by a great distance. She knew the drill, and was used to taking care of herself.She was glib and smart in the way that many college–educated girls know how to be. But it was more than that. She had lost so much, in the United States of America, on the dime of the American Fund for Czechoslovakia, and then a certain Mr. Perkins whom she met after she got to Chicago via Ellis Island, N.Y. and her Aunt Sadie. Mr. Perkins married the young girl of 22 and gave her new hats and shoes to prove his worth. She could live with that for a little while. Only stipulation: she had to do everything he said. She knew that some day she would grow tired of that.

Her shoulders were straight as she watched the wheel go around.

‘Black, 12, 12 black.”

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