Monday random-Twenty questions edition (37 actually)

On my former blog I had a feature I am resurrecting called ‘Monday Random’. It was basically a place to share random thoughts that were on my mind, anything from something I saw at the grocery store to politics. (rarely) Today I’m using these questions posed by another blog to break the ice for our inaugural edition of MR on this blog.

The questions below were posted by A Momma’s View . They are more like things I would have talked to my school friends about at slumber parties, or dared each other to tell. Momma calls them ‘Questions I think nobody ever asks’. I was also inspired by Deb’s answers on DebWasHere . I don’t know yet if I will answer all of them, but let’s give this a go, okay? I’ll be brave.

1.Boxer shorts or plum smugglers?
Neither. I assume as a lady this means my preference for men to wear. It depends on the man but I like boxer briefs.

2.What color of underwear are you currently wearing?

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