Monday Random: compromise

A reprise of a Monday Random post from 2017, which applies directly to the wounds of this past weekend, real and imagined, and no, I will not explain that right now. Thank you for reading.


politicians lie
too often to be trusted
and so I will lie
under this red maple tree
where none lie
not even birds

it was

just cause for the big cry I had
waterfalls of injustices
(for an hour)
until it was out of my system
and raining red over the day
that which we never talk about

(the elephant in the room)
the cycle of the month that
runs ragged my psyche
(and my mate)
shall we not be ashamed
to speak of anything
that needs be said

shall we not care what others think
if we voted with our conscience
if that is unpopular
(and that is why we are still here)
waving a flag and joyously
telling you all of this

that a lady is still a lady
no matter what is said
(whatever the opinion)
there are dreams and fancies
that must not be ignored
and not until every dream is fulfilled
should we be quiet

Three shades of red

lipstick on glass

The next day after wine
coagulated in the bottom of the glass
the smell of it
my lipstick at the rim, smeared
and you, nowhere to be found

Somewhere in the middle of a waning moon
and an angry red sun, I lost you
distracted by dreams
succumbing to sleep
I could not find you when I woke

Like errant glasses or keys
I looked where I last saw you
the stain on my bed, unsettling
until I remembered Merlot at 2 a.m.

You, waxing long about your causes
the president you adored
and the one you would have
strung up if you could

And I was picturing you
with a boat beneath you
sailing and happy, and
when the water came up
to the sheets
I drifted off


**Photo from Holiday Wine Tips

Monday Random: compromise

  • I make my husband happy when I don’t talk during the news even if something makes me want to monologue
  • He makes me happy when he watches one of my old movies and doesn’t complain about the sound or the lame sets
  • I go to every Star Trek movie, sometimes on opening night
  • At some point he stopped saying things about my family that were sore spots
  • He went to the church I picked
  • I make pizza ten times more often than I’d ever eat it, and I learned how to make pizza crust like a New Yorker
  • I learned how to make cheesecake like a New Yorker though I could go the rest of my life without eating it
  • He’d rather the mayo not touch the cheese on a sandwich, and I respect that
  • He reads all my manuscripts and gives honest feedback
  • I’ve been going through menopause for ten years. Not done yet.
  • I know, TMI. But I’ll never lie to you.

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