Monday Random

  • It is a pretty day, and I have not been outside since Friday, except for provisions
  • We might go by the Lake. That would be Lake Michigan, a really pretty place

lake blue and breezy

  • I had an ailment that is improving now–nothing serious, just irritating, but I am grateful to get some relief and feel like going out
  • There is something about the water that draws us, me and Mr. Street–and it always has amazed me how one could feel so good just being near it, or staring out over it
  • Perhaps part of its allure is sharing the space with birds and boats

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Tantalizing Tuesday: quickies

Pre-holiday busyness and NaNoWriMo lagging, with a desire not to let this feature get further behind, led to this quickie post, with some actresses I had not seen before, 2 in films available now on YouTube, which is always nice to find. Kay Kendall’s Les Girls has clips on YT, and is available on Amazon Prime.

Jan 2
Jan Sterling in Ace in the Hole (1951)

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I’ve got you, babe

We took a day trip last October to Woodstock, Illinois. There is a lovely park there in this perfect compact square with great parking. But it wasn’t the park per se that drove us there. It was the knowledge that much of the movie Groundhog Day was filmed there, and we were on a pilgrimage of sorts. I will watch anything by Bill Murray, and he has a sort of ‘if-you-can’t-beat-em-join-em attitude’, about it, much how I am with Star Trek.

Weather-wise, we got lucky. If you’re into the crisp as an apple, leaves flying around autumn days, this one was perfect. We parked across from the Woodstock Opera House.

Opera House.jpg

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One city has the key to the door of my heart

Chicago river.jpg


Today I wanted to join in with Norm’s Thursday Doors feature for the first time. I enjoy it each week and though the photos from my little camera can’t hold a candle to his, I wanted to share the ones that featured doors.

This is part a of part 1 of a walking tour I am taking through Chicago with my husband. My stamina could be better so we are taking it in pieces, and on this trip we walked a circle from the train station on Canal Street up Madison, a bit of a skirt through Monroe, then to Michigan Avenue. On the way back, we took Washington because he lost his set of photos from our last visit to Daley Plaza when a computer died. Yes, back-up would have been wise. Let’s not reopen that wound.

I took a few pictures and looked for benches to sit or walls to lean so I could scribble a few verses to take home with me–while he took his hundreds of pictures. I just like to be there. But I did get a few photos to share.

St Peter's Catholic Church
St. Peter’s–110 W. Madison

The sunshine was unrelenting, but kind when it came to photographs. I get a kick out of light and shadow. I especially loved this view of the cross above the door when I looked up.

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Sunset and leaves

I had so much riding on this day
my mind in too much thought
each sip every step all my hopes
just to purchase another hour of life
the way it should be lived

It is a pendulous evening
heavy air at eight
the lines nearly erased now
between night and day
the horizon breaking out
with its glittery evening show

A slice of this sky I count on
my doubt and injuries wavering
I take one step, and then another
every hope winning out over the past
and its mercenary plans