At dusk a breeze of relief
skims over shoulders
light losing its grip on ambition
as dreams take over their domain
strictly business as usual
fireflies fluttering
where bees spent the day foraging

Smoke signals
from a passing car
smell like longing and leftover
Christmases never used up
give up your spot in line
don’t be afraid, when
night falls with its treasure


packing heavy
sorting all of it
in the front room
at the moment of departure
taking one bag
and the sandwiches
leaving the rest
for something bigger
that does not function well
with heavy luggage

destination away
via untraveled trails
rough divots and fences
new green smells
old-timey feeling
I encountered
when I was ten
and still had grandparents

the skies
remain the same
with the absence
of street lamps, and
strip malls
a better fate than shopping
when you find you do not
need anything else

no sleep
no inclination
to count the days
measuring quality of life
sucking up remaining air
sucking up oxygen
and strawberries

Galanthus nivalis

We thought they were violets. We had a bad day and we decided to go to the park, my son and I. We are similar in that, my husband as well, to go to nature to feel better. Looking across from the park this warm April day, we saw a field of blue we had not noticed before, aside from the park on the other side of the parking lot.

blue snowdrops

We discovered later they were blue snowdrops.

blue snowdrop.JPG

How could something so small bring so much joy? I hope they come back soon.



Come now and rest

The trees are welcoming me back
and the dust from which I was created
my flesh, failing me from too many nights
no sleep, too many words, not kept
and my lack of care has brought me here

The dirt says -come now, be still
rest here where no one will harm
I am soft and forgiving; I will not push back
when you lay over me seeking rest
your heart stilled by serial killers-

The ones we know, some of us know
take your soul and they won’t let go
moving on to others, despite my best effort
to hold them here, but I tired, got so tired
leaves surround me, weaving a blanket

The sky watches, the clouds in their misty wisdom
call upon the Father to bless. I know
He sees all, he sees me, when I long for home
and home’s not best. Don’t fail me now
warm hay, soft fur. Take me back

where I came from, take me back
where I was born, this pure, safe place
bring me back to forest,
and dust and dirt
and home

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28