Mid-week stomp

Wednesday wakes up and walks on my face
twenty minutes before my alarm goes off
I cover my head from the sun, swearing
at him for opening the drapes so early

Wednesday spills coffee grounds on the counter
and I feel them under my socks
moving through morning chores I no longer
think about as I accomplish them

Wednesday says, ‘today is hump-day
and you have not been humping,’ and
mocks me, laughing when I am late
but I move on, move on like any other day

Wednesday follows me to the grocery store
and I scurry around corners to shake him
but when I get into line, he is before me
giggling with too many items in express


sunrise 4.jpg

Why do I walk around as if bricks
are still on my shoulders, this
same God that knows the birds
knows me

And I walk on – living
as if I am one stranded
but he still loves –
he loves

There is no one who can remove me
from this eternal love
no man with the strength
to overcome it

So how can my heart stay chained
that same burden slipped off my back
lying here on the ground
to step over –
to walk on

Burnt out (a psalm)

The night was full of promise
clean and crisp, a welcome respite
but morning arrived with burnt toast
eggs sticking to the pan

Jesus I need you when I lose hope
when my enemies,my own fears
my doubts that I can stay the course
threaten to rush the gate

A little peace that I felt in
the darkness
would be sweet
in the light of the new-born day