Monday Random: stay-cation

Autumn tree

  • With all the unexpected expenditures lately, it made sense to make this year’s vacation a series of day trips.
  • The last vacation was in 2017, as 2018 was the year in which we moved, and moving pretty much ate up any chances of making extra plans.
  • For us, going north into Wisconsin as far as we wish just about sums it up-looking for photo opportunities at various lakes, and basking in the local colour
  • the leafy sort

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Monday Random–been a while

    • My last Monday Random featurette was in November.
    • I am slacking in a few things
    • The words keep coming but they are not all in order
    • I find it difficult to even look at my novels right now
    • But I must finish
    • I did not make New Year’s resolutions this year, except perhaps an unspoken one, that I would finish all my started projects
    • I love the start!

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Monday Random

  • October is gearing up to leave us. I can see him packing, and watching the clock
  • Last evening we were a couple of kids, taking a walk in the rain and picking up leaves
  • A couple of years ago I took clear contact paper and made some of the leaves in our old neighborhood into placemats for Thanksgiving
  • We have family coming this year for the first time in three, so that is something to be thankful for, and we are going to make enough placemats for everyone
  • It’s a craft my nieces and I can do together, simple and fun

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Monday Random: sad


  • More violence. I just don’t feel like being clever today
  • I really hate the satire associated with this. It is too soon
  • No, I do not think gun control has any bearing on this. I could cite sources but I don’t think arguing is going to help anyone this morning
  • It feels like we are in a war
  • It is war.
  • In times of war, it was good for the citizens to do their job, keep going, keep their families going, and be good neighbors
  • Being a good neighbor is more important than ever
  • Jesus got that right didn’t He? Sure did. Love your neighbor cannot be disputed as I heard over and over again in Houston and Miami
  • So sad. I will move on with my day. I do feel like the divisiveness of last November is not helping. We are in this together.

Try and have a good monday and be good to someone. I will try to do the same though my first inclination is to stay inside and lock my door. I will try and go with my second inclination. Love you all, thanks for reading–

Monday random

  • Summer is hanging in there, and going out with a bang
  • I have a poem about that I should dig out and re-post
  • The poem was originally named ‘Indian Summer’ then I looked up the origins of the name and I was appalled. You can grow up with hearing things you never have an issue with until you get informed. Like ‘indian giver’.
  • I watch old shows with idioms my folks used to say, and sometimes things that like bother me now. I do want to treat others with respect
  • Still, some of the old shows are a history of the times they were in. I might not find them entertaining anymore, but I do find them interesting
  • That brings my thoughts to the issue of tearing down statues. I need not say more since we’ve all read and watched the news
  • I may not agree with someone’s ideology but that doesn’t mean that everything they did has to be wiped out. Have these people looked in the mirror lately? Surely they don’t want to be judge, jury and executioner

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Again? (so many Mondays)

Is this Monday again? I wasn’t looking. I wasn’t paying attention. I walked right into it, writing while walking, sulking while my feet were still moving and she was above me, in thin air

I ordered roses for her from the florist. They sent her lilies. How did they know? Were they looking through my window when my face pinched in pain? Did they read my letters and follow my halting steps

I wish this wasn’t a true story. I wish it was a horror that people read, dog-earing the pages to the ghastly parts they want to show their partners later. I wish it was fiction in the purest sense

At what point did I realize that there was hope? What was elusive, dodging me, mocking me, is at arm’s length. That is a good deal closer than in my youth, giving up the dreams for thralldom.

Pleasure is fleeting. But it returns, I know it, somewhere around Thursday of the month, a refreshing gust in the middle of swelter

Monday Random: cleaning out the refrigerator

  • Buying healthy for two instead of four is challenging. I hate throwing food away, and did, often in the first months. But now I’m savvy
  • It’s less hot and low humidity today so that means it’s time to make Italian red gravy and chicken vegetable soup for the month
  • It was really scary opening the veg drawers in the fridge, and I did throw out half a cabbage and some potatoes that were beyond thought of food
  • Celery–not too many stalks went in the bin, the rest chopped fine. Some for the soup, a little for the red sauce, the rest in the freezer in a container I keep for lean days and busy days
  • Carrots–same as above–when I learned recently to make Bolognese sauce and put diced carrot in it–which I forgot to hide from hubby–I was astounded. Delicious addition my mother would not have approved of. It helped also with the acidity so I didn’t have to add sugar
  • Green pepper–pepper and egg sandwiches for breakfast and the rest in the freezer for when I make chicken cacciatore
  • So far–on one cup of coffee– the sauce is bubbling with meatballs in it, and the sink is full of sudsy water to wash dishes as I go.
  • It should be noted here that when we were first married, my husband said, ‘if you just cook like this all the time, I will the dishes’
  • Let’s not re-open that wound and put lemon juice in it
  • Seriously, I should not be able to count on two hands how many times he did dishes in 27 years. That should be at least 27 Mother’s Days
  • Okay, okay, we’ll skip to something positive, haha
  • I wanted to show you this rose:

hope rose

  • I don’t know what type it is, but it was supposed to be a large yellow bloom. We planted the bush in remembrance of my mother-in-law and the other deep pink one for my own mother, may they rest in peace.
  • If anyone knows what variety this is, do tell. Now that we have it, we love it. So delicate
  • You may recall my neighbor mowed over these struggling bushes when the landlord let the grass get too high. One, this one, had a few mangled leaves left and the other was completely gone. Just a broken twig was all I saw left in the dirt
  • My mother’s now has fresh growth on it and this one, well as you see, there is still life in the old girl
  • The metaphor did not escape me for something that felt dead and was mangled and beat up, like my life was for awhile, and finding that there is still a spark inside
  • If it weren’t for God I wouldn’t be making it. I was barely breathing. So grateful–

I can’t help but feel much hope that I have yet another Monday to work and grow and write and share.  I bid you a good day and wish for you a great, productive, creative week–


Monday Random: Quotes

  • In the end, only kindness matters. — Jewel
  • I’m so ugly, that’s okay cause so are you — Kurt Cobain
  • A mistake made by many people with great convictions is that they will let nothing stand in the way of their views, not even kindness. — Bryant McGill
  • Poetry destroyed? Genius banished? No! Mediocrity, no: do not let envy prompt you to the thought. No; they not only live, but reign, and redeem: and without their divine influence spread everywhere, you would be in hell–the hell of your own meanness. – Charlotte Brontë
  • All you  need is love. — Lennon/McCartney

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sunrise June.jpg

Monday could be a drudge
a gray, murky day, where
I play catch-up
the gallons of coffee
reminding me I have work piled to the ceiling
with no time to think of your eyes
or how you touched my hand
Monday could be dull-
I could look out at this fresh day
the breeze ruffling my blouse
slipping through the weave
caressing my skin
and I could be reminded of this gift-
that I woke
and stepped out
and saw the moment
that the sun kissed the lake
could be mine


Monday Random: The war on junk food or How I learned to stop worrying and love kale

  • The trick in healing your liver with vegetables seems to be one of two things: Either hide the vegetables under and within other foods you like, or  b. find more veg that you like and embrace those, and leave off the rest.
  • After all it’s not a prison sentence, the idea is to feel good
  • Door b. is best for me because I like almost all veg, but it gets more complicated with Mr. Street. Still, we have found an accord. He has informed me of the following: He doesn’t eat (ever) eggplant or kale, and b. if I am going to hide kale in something, don’t tell him about it
  • Ignorance is bliss?
  • His shirts from last summer fit better. Next day he said, ‘you could probably put more kale in my smoothies’
  • He loves beets, which I can’t even handle a bite of, so we are a perfect match if you go with the opposites attract theory

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I wanna talk about kale-

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