isn’t it sweet
gray morning
when the sun comes bursting
making me think of spring
isn’t it a gift
from God
in the middle of sadness
to be so warm


sunset October

I don’t have your colours
all my words
what I have to bring to life
what you paint over my sky
is it ever enough for you
to see my blues
and the red days
that go well past the horizon

the heat came quick
just after the rain
forming clouds before my eyes
hovering there

my fingers play in them
like a child
making new shapes
every time his face appears

here, kitty kitty

sitting in this bar
fifty miles from home
(that does not feel like home)
blue Persian cat making love to my legs
nearly obscene how he rubs against them

the beer, head-splitting cold, and
I drink deep
then reach down to scratch his head
against my knee

I came here to forget
to disappear into a dim crowd
his amorous
attention to my shins
making my eyes misty

a lick of pretzel salt
from my finger with a rough tongue
throat vibrating
against my palm
when he purrs

Sometimes I feel like an orphan

now that Mama has left and Daddy
don’t love me no more
sometimes I feel like an orphan
in the middle of a raging storm

now that I play at grown-up
playing house as if I know what to do
since Daddy stopped loving me at four
since I draw fear from the belt and the door

sometimes I feel like I am orphaned
when he is there and she is no more
but I know you watch me–and I know you care
and when you listen-I am an orphan
(no more)


forgive me
isn’t pretty
crying with ruby-
throated sparrows
when he did not
see me
he’s a
you’re-out man

all my words
any accolades
mere dust
when I see his
eyes go blank
knowing he
does not hear me
(desperately braiding
a tether to reach)

I was not her
I don’t have
delicate hands
(they have fought,
held up babies
and made love
like a warrior)
my hands are not small

through another window
someone moans
my mind still wedged
in fascination
(her voice
to a hum)
as fairies come