Lemon pie blues

Today hurt bad like cuts on my fingers
then slicing lemons for hours
your face, always disappointed, and
I would like to be the girl
to bring light to your eyes

How do I explain why it hurts more
to be misunderstood than kicked
honey, how I wish I could have you here
to protect me now
because I am feeling low

Feeling tired and wondering why
I never fit into this world of woe
come Sunday, everything
is going to feel alright
praise God on Sunday we will dance

and give happiness one more chance
come Sunday
everything is gonna feel alright

You in a country song

I shouldn’t be wanderin’
where I could be mashed or burned
or scalded or set out to dry

I should be looking upwards and outwards
at scaled mountains, fields, and
a cloudy, unforgiving sky

She said, ‘I’m leavin’’ and
she wouldn’t be beholden to anyone
not even my old soul

I said, well, if you must
but every step you take means less of us
and I wonder how I will get through

I should be wanderin’ in your hair,
I should be running after, and
I should be holdin’ you

Dog days psalm

trees and sky

The loneliness has been beating me up
following me around during these dog days
a bag of rocks hanging around my neck
that I could not be wholly rid of

But when I fall on my knees
I feel so free, taking my eyes off me
I fall on my knees and I’m feeling released
when I pray and thank you Lord for your love

The stifling heat tries to tell me lies
that the bad will follow me around for good
voices in my head that say there’s no point
to convince me to stop trying and just lay down

But when I fall to my knees
feeling love, in sweet repose
the peace comes like fog rolling in
and the loneliness–it hits the streets

inspired by Isaiah 26:3 (ESV)
You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

(any port) in a storm

two fingers of cheap brandy
in Kool-Aid
with a twist and ice
stirred with the lemon knife
seem like a strange way
to say I miss you

but no one is close enough
in this heat
to hear me if I scream
so I swallow
it down
I swallow hard

and you can stay there
you bastard where you roamed

but no one is close enough
in this heat
to hear me if I scream
so I swallow
it down hard
and you can stay there
you bastard
where you roamed

sound track

our soundtrack
skipped records
dusty cassettes
ready to snap
8-track era crooning
no one else can hear

should we turn it off
or turn it up louder
each note someone
agonized over
we are all part
of the stew

take your face and try
to keep it silent
isolated in a sea
of countless faces
who know you better
than you know yourself

need we understand
why we can’t
move forward
stuck fast
and its me I know
that’s keeping me here

me with my hand
in the cookie jar
four decades
and I won’t let it go
the secrets of the unwise
locked up

in two hands
one no good
without the other
they press at the door
wood creaking
screaming for me
that time is running out

can we cha-cha
through the nights
so no one will notice
we are slipping
music so loud
it drowns out the

the band playing for days
feet flying
over wood
polished to a luster
blinding us
to all we remember