come to me you stolen moments
those pseudonymous pleasures
walk the night with me for the day
as lovely as it was, hung very chill
your touches and glances, never
will I forget how they sank to bone
even when I was contented
I felt more or less alone, without
the comfortable stroke of fingers
down my thigh, their magic
part of me at the cellular level
your lips in my ear calling me ‘petal’
ignoring the screaming kettle
intermittently making me sigh


My dearest of valentines
Again we meet
To share cake and wine
And shake off defeat.

I am never on my own
When this day comes around
But your eyes come to mind
Sincere and honor bound.

A day I put violets in your hair
The memory above the rest-
Picking blueberries, stains on fingers
And hearts – forever bless’d.

Bring us to a close – with fondness
The roses in your cheeks will swear
We did not go the distance, my dear-
But none will say the love was not there.


Are you looking?

Dark days
no cloud
to obscure the view
don’t look away
baby on the beach
another child
who won’t grow up
mama lost
papa lost
your loss
is our loss

Black Wednesday
blood lost
how much can we
afford to lose-
don’t look away
death in Charleston
more children
who won’t grow up
your loss
is our loss

Call me childish
but what does idealism cost
no fog to pretty the sight
of carnage in San Bernardino
it lessens all of us
don’t look away
don’t turn tail
don’t run

Dark night
no cloud
to obscure the view
don’t look away
from Orlando
someone’s babies
are in the road
son lost
daughter lost
your loss
is my loss

Dark days
no cloud
to obscure the view
don’t look away
babies holding guns
another child
who won’t grow up
mama lost
papa lost
your loss
is our loss

making your brain my home

we are committed now to this journey through each others’ minds-
we took the steps and there is no backwards, no backward steps
at least until we reach the end, we’ll see it through to the end
of knowing you, stealing your thoughts until I understand your miseries-
feeling you snake through my head at times tickles, sometimes squeezes hard
in those spots where it is narrow, where I booby-trapped the entrance
every tragedy covered in shame and pushing out the light-
could you just feel your way around, feel your way about the place
so that I might have comfort and warmth where you find
Antarctica, so I could have piles of skins and a blanket of care
your wild passions and tanks against the battlements of a weary mind
and I walk-a-bout your head because you let me, and make it my home
for a little while, make it feel like home until I know you so well
I will conveniently forget where the doors are, forgetting
the front door and also the back

We two

How come every time I kiss your neck
you smell like the wind
how come
every time I kiss your neck
you smell like the wind

the outdoors
as if you were born there and come home
each time you open the doors
kissed by sun and shower
every time you walk barefoot down your walk

why does your hair make me think of cornsilk
when I kiss your ear
and it hangs over my face
how come I want to kiss your ear
every time I smell the earth in your hair

and the world I have not traveled much of yet
has left a map across your cheeks
and over your nose which I know will wrinkle
as you read these words

don’t be unkind like lightning when you don’t translate it well
don’t ask too many questions please
I already don’t feel your heart
it stopped when you read the fourth line
it stopped when you felt my lips on your neck
and an earthquake rumbled under us

when I bit your flesh there
when I bit you as sure as you are sulking

how come we speak two languages
when we connect in space
why do I break orbit when I try
to plug you into my psyche

tell me why is it impossible to
fully be one in this sphere
us here, we there
the wind and rain in your skin
and your hair
tell me why

can we not be one
like weather and ocean
and the stars and the air

how come