Monday Random: patience

  • It seems like the more things improve the faster I want to see the really good stuff come to me. I know that’s not how it works, except in Hallmark Movies
  • I was told the hardest parenting time would be when they were teenagers. The twenties have their own new challenges, like knowing when to butt in and push and when to back off
  • I talked to my friend this week who turns 94 soon. It put needed patience into perspective
  • This is a lady who was very athletic and took good care of herself all her life. She told me the last time she did a cartwheel in the yard was age 80
  • Now she has to use a walker, and I felt like if I breathed too hard she would just float off. She is small now, frail.
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Dog days psalm

trees and sky

The loneliness has been beating me up
following me around during these dog days
a bag of rocks hanging around my neck
that I could not be wholly rid of

But when I fall on my knees
I feel so free, taking my eyes off me
I fall on my knees and I’m feeling released
when I pray and thank you Lord for your love

The stifling heat tries to tell me lies
that the bad will follow me around for good
voices in my head that say there’s no point
to convince me to stop trying and just lay down

But when I fall to my knees
feeling love, in sweet repose
the peace comes like fog rolling in
and the loneliness–it hits the streets

inspired by Isaiah 26:3 (ESV)
You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

Being cool in hot places

(a psalm for summer)

I call upon you Lord
in my weakness
when patience
is difficult to find
and days last so long

My dear sweet friend
no one else
has shown me
what real faithfulness is
and I am grateful

But even in my peace
I receive
from Your spirit
sometimes I get
restless and tired

I count on You
to show me
the way to contentment
in my times of troubles
ever grateful for Your gifts

Extraordinary kindness

approached today
in the midst of clouds and clamour
by my mother(gone since 1997)’s best friend
from long ago

my age now what her age was then
yet I am always a child, the
age of her own daughter
grown, and a grandma now

speaking to me as an equal
saying – let’s be friends like
your mother and I, I believe
we have something in common

melting the cynicism in my center
floating to the surface like dross
her soft voice saying, yes
it’s going to be alright now