I need a friend
and true
I offer my hands
and a knack
for speaking in blue
if you steal the moon
for me
I won’t tell
on you


The evening beguiles–it tempts me to forget sleep
forget that my health will fail without sweet rest
as it draws me close to dance with the moon
pirouettes in the shadows–playing tag
as clouds roll in front of his face–
the night wants me to stay awake

A lesson in seasons

pink moon


He held his mother’s hand tightly
a toddler of three with skinned knees already
with spring just weeks old
skipping along the sidewalk, and
crouching down to look at a bug–
reaching again for mommy’s hand, pointing
with the other to the tree
he asked if leaves would fall in the spring.
Peering intently, watching with some anticipation,
and excitement–but she said, No, baby–
it is in the autumn that the leaves fall
but if you stand under a full moon
and listen for sounds of rustling, in the
middle of the night
you can watch poets fall from the trees
trying to get at the moon.



pink moon 2


full moon waltz

fighting with the clouds to see through inky sky
my mind wanders to the last months
how many times someone comes to mind
when I do not wish it
dear will-o-wisp clouds enchant me
but still I strain to see the moon
and it shows just its slip, straining my eyes
for only a glimpse, but
I refuse to start the dance
I will not take a step until I see your face

where your cache is

yesterday I want to make over
start from five a.m.–
take each step slower
deeper through the mud
for it is so clear
that sliding through did not work

breaking the rules
is fine and good
but I did not write them
and I see so much clearer
than you do
can you take that in the jewels

I’m still in
but not like this
everyone watching
you know I am not
a palm tree on the sand
kind of girl
you can keep
your little umbrellas

the best of you and me
wrap’t together
in fog and gauze–
it’s alright
I never wanted the sun
but if I can catch it
I have always lusted after
the moon