My Valentine

Snowy Valentine.jpg

The light in here is too bright for morning
the sunrise peachy glow distorted and squinting
our distinctive beginning comes to me at the same time
both warm and cuspated

knowing your love still exists helps me to
keep on, keep on, and knowing you still love me
bids me not give up

The lights in this room are too dim to read by
in the evening, the aroma of sausage, with its
fennel and thyme, and the acid of tomatoes
keeping things real

the streaks in the sky at sundown leaving
little illumination to stir the sauce pot, little to the
imagination of a pair of love thieves in a jam

And some days we don’t take the time, even to
let eyes meet, but we continue, and
knowing your love still exists
helps me keep on, keep on


We two

How come every time I kiss your neck
you smell like the wind?
how come every time I kiss your neck
you smell like the wind–
the outdoors as if you were born there and come home
each time you open the doors, kissed by sun and shower
every time you walk barefoot up the walk

Your hair hanging over my face
makes me think of corn silk
and I want to kiss your ear, every time
smelling the earth in your hair, and
the world I have not traveled much of yet
has left a map across your cheeks
and over your nose, which I know
will wrinkle as you read these words

Don’t be unkind–like lightning–when
I don’t translate it well; don’t ask too many questions, please
I already don’t feel your heart–
it stopped when you read the fourth line, when
you felt my lips on your neck and an earthquake rumbled under us
when I bit your flesh there, when I bit you
as sure as you are sulking

How come we speak two languages when we connect in space? Why
do I break orbit when I try to plug you into my psyche, tell me
why is it impossible to fully be one on this sphere–
us here, we there–the wind and rain in your skin and your hair, tell me
why can we not be one like weather and ocean
and the stars and the air

How come–

(am I too) Impatient (or is it you)

Everyone has their say
but not everyone has a voice
some need a nudge of a kind hand
to let them know
it is safe out there

Kindness taken for weakness
we watch it traded for dross
then tossed in the bin forgotten
its worth worth left behind, the
precious glue of fences

I froze crossing the bridge
between the river
I drew life from
and my greatest desires
the air sucked out of my lungs
like from magnets

You stole my heart
playing Moonlight Sonata
while I tore a napkin to bits
then broke off my stained glass hands
taking my pen for spite

I thought I could be cured
by every agony
each outburst of fluids, but
it’s your soul I fall in love with
every time two become one

I watch you move
in and out of people
like the tide and the beach
only that’s really beautiful
and never lets me down