My Valentine

Snowy Valentine.jpg

The light in here is too bright for morning
the sunrise peachy glow distorted and squinting
our distinctive beginning comes to me at the same time
both warm and cuspated

knowing your love still exists helps me to
keep on, keep on, and knowing you still love me
bids me not give up

The lights in this room are too dim to read by
in the evening, the aroma of sausage, with its
fennel and thyme, and the acid of tomatoes
keeping things real

the streaks in the sky at sundown leaving
little illumination to stir the sauce pot, little to the
imagination of a pair of love thieves in a jam

And some days we don’t take the time, even to
let eyes meet, but we continue, and
knowing your love still exists
helps me keep on, keep on



your pleas for trust are heavy
the scales made of sugar
threaten to melt to nothing
if I cry

why does the sky
part easily for the gulls
no matter my mood
or the weather

together is our only hope
our lies of decades past
must not be allowed entrance
into this asylum

for better or worse

if there had not been pain
would we have stayed
you and I caught
in our addictions
to cracked ceilings
and thin carpets

I refused to acknowlege
what we both know (now)
to be true
that I could not live
in painless splendor
grabbing at every wish
through barbed wire
and crabgrass

so we remain
decades later
with skinned knees
and ugly, rough knuckles
knowing (until our deaths)
we will never be alone
and it will not (ever)
be easy
but we will (always)
be loved

Our passion can survive any bad meal

We were not meant to last
for we were not drawn that way
food spoiling in the refrigerator
papers accumulating on the back porch
while we explore whether silk or cotton
is best in the heat, and how come ex’s
always find us at the grocery store in produce–
Jeremy found me there, recently
and I hated him desperately
but wanted him to find me doing well

not with Hamburger Helper and Pizza Rolls
in my cart, instead of a case
of Benson & Hedges Deluxe Ultra Lights
a decent Merlot, and a couple of t-bone’s
chilling in the child seat–
and I panicked, grabbing the largest cucumber
obscenely, still holding onto it
to cast eyes upon him once more
but he had walked away–
damn, but he looked good

I’m thinking later, whilst
stirring ground beef on the stove top
I cannot help but wonder
what he was hiding under that brand new
London Fog trench coat
perhaps spaghetti sauce stains
on a wife-beater, I imagine
and the thought makes me smile
turning off the stove, and taking
ten steps to cross the room to you


I visited an old friend
and I said, ‘where is your husband,’
she said, ‘he is having a mid-life crisis, and
his penis is in the garage.’
I opened the garage door and saw a cherry red convertible
Ford Mustang
and had to laugh
I knew
that he did not keep it in his pants
but I wasn’t expecting to find it there
taking her place. I think
she liked when he was poor and in need
of cash, driving a beat up Chevy he hated
because he was always home
and always devoted