Monday random

  • Those who know me well know that I have resisted getting a cell phone for all these years
  • except for a brief tryst with a flip phone between ’06-’08
  • I have a new friend who is quickly becoming like one of the family who says it is not safe for me not to have a phone with the cars I drive, old and rusting away as they are
  • I say it is a luxury
  • a nuisance
  • but she is right. One car is a ’94 and one is a ’99.
  • They make some of the same noises my knees make on stairs.
  • So that’s that.

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here, kitty kitty

sitting in this bar
fifty miles from home
(that does not feel like home)
blue Persian cat making love to my legs
nearly obscene how he rubs against them

the beer, head-splitting cold, and
I drink deep
then reach down to scratch his head
against my knee

I came here to forget
to disappear into a dim crowd
his amorous
attention to my shins
making my eyes misty

a lick of pretzel salt
from my finger with a rough tongue
throat vibrating
against my palm
when he purrs