Monday Random: sunshine!

Monday sunshine.jpg

  • It has been a long, cold wet, foggy, icy week
  • But this morning, now it’s looking like this, and tomorrow is predicted to be even less of the white, fluffy, cloudy stuff
  • Welcome to Monday morning!
  • If it gets over freezing, I might even wash the car
  • though that sounds a bit optimistic, considering it will most likely freeze every lock tonight after the sun goes down
  • but it is a  nice thought.

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Monday Random

  • We had our first snowfall before Halloween, and first measurable snowfall on Halloween.
  • Today is sunny and feels like autumn, and looks like autumn. I am writing yes, but as soon as is possible, I will be shutting off everything with a screen and a signal and getting outdoors.
  • It might be my last chance. The weekend brings snow and cold again.
  • Thanksgiving. Do I write a post about it this year?
  • Many thoughts, many debates, arguments
  • I try to keep it simple. There are many things in this world that do not arrive in pristine packages.
  • History is messy.
  • Everywhere.
  • What is important is now, and beyond, to have a grateful heart to God and also to our families and friends who hold us up and let us be in their lives all year.
  • And the food is tremendous.

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Monday Random: evening

  • Tonight I am reflecting obsessing about my day.
  • It wasn’t a bad day, not really.
  • Mondays are usually Mr. Street’s second day off so when he was called into work, I re-ordered my day
  • In the morning I made the cheesecake I promised him, and it was nestling in the fridge, chilling up for his return when I left for my errands.
  • I had this thought to take myself out to lunch, at a place that I enjoy more than he does.

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One step behind, and
a lit cigarette on the sidewalk
my next footprint snuffing it out–
how I ended a friendship
with one gesture
he would not let me take back;

How she left me behind
after one phone call
neither of us could forget–
my shoe, unsinged
and my heart, unbroken–

But, over time
I become surprised
at the ache that stays

Monday Random: stay-cation

Autumn tree

  • With all the unexpected expenditures lately, it made sense to make this year’s vacation a series of day trips.
  • The last vacation was in 2017, as 2018 was the year in which we moved, and moving pretty much ate up any chances of making extra plans.
  • For us, going north into Wisconsin as far as we wish just about sums it up-looking for photo opportunities at various lakes, and basking in the local colour
  • the leafy sort

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Monday random

  • Those who know me well know that I have resisted getting a cell phone for all these years
  • except for a brief tryst with a flip phone between ’06-’08
  • I have a new friend who is quickly becoming like one of the family who says it is not safe for me not to have a phone with the cars I drive, old and rusting away as they are
  • I say it is a luxury
  • a nuisance
  • but she is right. One car is a ’94 and one is a ’99.
  • They make some of the same noises my knees make on stairs.
  • So that’s that.

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Separated by inches

Pacing at the window while the clock ticks in disbelief
Every hour today is wrap’t up in my irreverent grief.

Pointed fingers say it is my choosing and I take my penance
Our two languages have robbed us of our romance like a thief.

Agendas were voted on and no one else could be deemed errant
Watching twenty years drop one by one like an October leaf.

Outside I hear the robin’s and the bluejay’s raucous discontent
‘Twould be arrogant to view their passing as more than merely brief.

Oh Rose, you have done yourself in by worry’s cunning snares
All your cares now laid upon pillows of music and belief.


I dislike epilogues, or explanation of any kind accompanying poetry. But, this poem is a long time coming, and promised to Uma at One Grain Amongst the Storm . I read and enjoy his ghazal poems, a form in which I have wanted to try for some time, with only confidence holding me back. Like the haiku, the ghazal comes with a respected history, of which I would not want to disrespect with poor lines.

All that to say, here is my version of an English Ghazal. Thank you