season’s greetings

happy birthday
I met you
on a full moon
planting my flag there
not on the dark side
where you exile’d me
after the twenty-years war

happy birthday
we meet again
on a road still rocky
with mistrust
our lust
for life is the one thing
we can rely on


Little bro


We often say
that time passes too slowly
when we all know
it slips out of our grip
way too quickly

I didn’t pay attention
and time has rambled on
and I remember
(don’t forget)
the old times
(don’t forget)
I remember some good times
(they weren’t all bad)
and I remember some very bad times
(but they weren’t all bad)

A birthday is just a day
and today it is your turn
to be man of the day
little boy with a deck of cards
and a magic wand
grown up, come on little brother
show me some magic
because I’m feeling tired

Then let us toast to the days coming
the ones we look forward to
and the ones that will lead to eternity
for there are many smiles left

of your reflections
your golden faces looking up to you
for some good old days