I see two straight lines
like schoolchildren
pocket full of pills
to get that jolt
one a redhead
another named Jane
the one with the red pumps
and a chip on her shoulder
the very thing
to bring you up
and keep you there

ain’t it fair
-ly obvious when we see
you withdraw from your
pocket-full of miracles
and lose it all over

but who am I
the word addiction
is not enough for main-lining you
don’t you reach my head faster
every intelligent thought
replaced by bird chatter
and cloud nine dreams
once they’ve straightened
me out

When I watch


I love watching

you put on your stockings

The way your nails skim over them without snagging is a marvel

When I watch you, I turn sideways

could you change my

I guess you know.

don’t you.

That is why you don’t stop when he leaves.

I like when you turn your head to look back, saying things like

your hands
your mouth
your toes

then laugh

our circle is unbroken

you come and you come
you roll over and go
your sharp sword shoved back
into your pants
your heart
the color of my garden
once red
black on the edges of winter

in the falling
and lingering
and aligning
and clinging
I missed the part of you
still a boy
that you handled me
like a toy

sweet spring puppy love
I slurped it up
the whole pie until
it was all over my face
I ate up the gentle way
you said baby
please baby

and now you smile
your shoes under my bed
and you come and you come
and then
you go

will you let it go

sometimes I write about myself
in third person
so you will never guess
that it is me
that I went through the fire
and came out charred and worn

it is best that you do not know
how often you come to mind
how well I know you
and talk about you to others
it is best you think
about someone else

don’t take this away from me
this safety of darkness
don’t lose the sense of wonder
they beat out of you, in the days
when you were just at the surface
gasping for air-

We two

How come every time I kiss your neck
you smell like the wind
how come
every time I kiss your neck
you smell like the wind

the outdoors
as if you were born there and come home
each time you open the doors
kissed by sun and shower
every time you walk barefoot down your walk

why does your hair make me think of cornsilk
when I kiss your ear
and it hangs over my face
how come I want to kiss your ear
every time I smell the earth in your hair

and the world I have not traveled much of yet
has left a map across your cheeks
and over your nose which I know will wrinkle
as you read these words

don’t be unkind like lightning when you don’t translate it well
don’t ask too many questions please
I already don’t feel your heart
it stopped when you read the fourth line
it stopped when you felt my lips on your neck
and an earthquake rumbled under us

when I bit your flesh there
when I bit you as sure as you are sulking

how come we speak two languages
when we connect in space
why do I break orbit when I try
to plug you into my psyche

tell me why is it impossible to
fully be one in this sphere
us here, we there
the wind and rain in your skin
and your hair
tell me why

can we not be one
like weather and ocean
and the stars and the air

how come

You (r charms)

Struggling with my temptations
I straighten a safety pin
from my desk caddy
trying the sharpness of the tip
against my thumb
watching with fascination
the bubbling up
of the dot of blood

Like a child I squeeze my thumb
to produce more
of the crimson minim
doming, then
dripping down my thumb
and to my desk with a splash
and still, I see your face
in the minute puddle

You and your infuriating way
of being right, always
so dear, so charming a way about
your wooing, but you know
sometimes you are so right
(for me) and I won’t tell you
because you are horrible
at taking praise

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