Monday Random: crunch time

  • How do you act under stress?
  • Do you take it out on others or do you internalize the struggle?
  • Do you simply get to work and work doubly hard to complete the task well?
  • Do you crumble and cry in a corner?
  • The time for the craft show has come. It should be that craft show, or this craft show, but it is simply dubbed ‘Thee craft show’, which I think is a mistake now, considering expectations and hopes riding on one day
  • Everyone knows you rarely break even on the first show
  • If it rains, all bets are off
  • We keep coming back to the calm place and saying, it’s okay if we don’t make money the first time (lies, all lies)

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cattail frolic.jpg

how could I be this lucky
fortunate girl
driving past such riches
of purple and yellow, side by side
with dried husks of late summer
cattails rising from rain-soaked ditches
the cornflowers
exquisitely unconcerned
with life driving by

painted with coffee, blueberries, and acrylics

Monday Random

  • I am going to have to sacrifice some morning writing time for sewing, or get better light bulbs for seeing in the evening. I have a huge sewing project and I find it very easy to mix up brown and black, and never can tell the difference in the evening between beige and pink. This is a new problem, but solveable
  • Our birdy friend on the deck is still out there chirping for a mate. Here he is:


A Golden Age

Chicago Cultural Center
Chicago Cultural Center 78 E. Washington, Chicago IL


Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.  -Francis Bacon

Walking around my beloved Chicago, I do find my eyes more often passing over the new to admire the old, particularly the architecture that came out of the era just after the great fire in 1871. The Chicago Cultural Center was opened in 1897. Originally the city’s central library, it was converted in the late 70’s to an arts and culture center. I love this building. I walk around it every time like it is the first time. And the real beauty for me of this corner of Michigan and Washington is the old buildings flanked by the new. But for now, let’s look back.

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Naked in espadrilles


It was entertaining
the pain-bringing of my burden
lifting like a curtain

We clash’d and we were bruised
in sweaty battles and southern comfort
in the wettest puddles
ever had. Including mine.
That sounds very Seuss

Let’s discuss how mean
to not find a soft place to land
after un-relenting grey skies with rain

I understand you conquered the beast-
my second-best pen
telling stories from the davenport
melting the ice–left and neglected
the flood taking over the house

I am undaunted–laughing at the rules–
meditating on how the mind is the sexiest organ
and on how we used to be good

The poem is a cut-up or found poem from my own writings
The painting is by Théo van Rysselberghe, unknown title