Tantalizing Tuesday: quickies

Pre-holiday busyness and NaNoWriMo lagging, with a desire not to let this feature get further behind, led to this quickie post, with some actresses I had not seen before, 2 in films available now on YouTube, which is always nice to find. Kay Kendall’s Les Girls has clips on YT, and is available on Amazon Prime.

Jan 2
Jan Sterling in Ace in the Hole (1951)

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Tantalizing Tuesday: Shelley Winters

Shelly Winters

Drive carefully. Dangerous curves ahead. Shelly Winters was funny, gregarious, big and benevolent. I had never heard her sing before, so I was happy to find this clip.

I first knew who Shelley Winters was watching The Poseidon Adventure. In this clip, she saves Reverend Scott.

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Tantalizing Tuesday: Anne Baxter


Were her characters femme fatales or sociopaths? Were they driven to be devious and contriving or evil manipulators who did not know what they were doing? Who could take a perfectly happy home- loving and creative, hospitable and caring – and turn it upside-down in a matter of months? This lady, that’s who. Here, as Evelyn in Guest of the House she convinces her new husband Dan to go away for awhile so that she can get some quality time with her new brother-in-law.

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Tantalizing Tuesday: Veronica Lake

Veronica lake

Our femme fatale for the week is Veronica Lake. I saw her in Sullivan’s Travels when I was a teenager. I was mesmerized by the way she used her eyes and a characteristic flip of hair that hung over one eye. She had that look. What look? The look to which describing does not do justice.

Here she meets Joel McCrea in Sullivan’s Travels. This banter is a keeper. I always admire a lady that has the guts to tell a man what to do when she has just met him.
“Drink your coffee….”

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