I have cut this life
into one long, curly strip
like an apple peel
terrified to break it
less and less I sculpt it
my heart jumps to preserve it

I loved
I was patient
I care(d)
I can’t fit that girl
you have an image of
that sedate, smouldering
piece of hot property–
your fantasy–
she is not me
so, be well
I will be here
with abandon
from my chandelier

The seafarer

one gift
the right to rest safe on your shore
from winds and tides
to find two bright eyes like islands
pearls set with sapphires

your hair
a strange and lovely storm
magnificence intermingled
your raised hands, guides
eager and doubly precious

Falling star, 1989

I did not belong there, and I knew it
how you were not mine yet
and she did not know you were there
with me
letting something grow
that was for keeps
in time
keeping time, and
holding on tightly
so that no one could sever our bond
looking upward
that fierce green streak
putting a stamp on it
on us
and for once
I believed in signs

Monday Random: stay-cation

Autumn tree

  • With all the unexpected expenditures lately, it made sense to make this year’s vacation a series of day trips.
  • The last vacation was in 2017, as 2018 was the year in which we moved, and moving pretty much ate up any chances of making extra plans.
  • For us, going north into Wisconsin as far as we wish just about sums it up-looking for photo opportunities at various lakes, and basking in the local colour
  • the leafy sort

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Monday random: cold and sunny

  • It feels as if it could snow, but it does not yet, and for that I am grateful
  • I need new gloves first
  • and a new hat, as my favourite one is wearing thin–a leopard print fuzzy thing that makes me happy and warm, but sometimes brings to me strange looks
  • Ah well, I can only be me. I stopped trying to please others years ago as it was not working
  • At least when you behave as yourself, with your own style, like my hair, which I never cut, you are not a fraud.
  • You can step out the door on a day such as today with no thought of worry about how your shoes go with your pocketbook.
  • Breakfast this morning is eggs, tomatoes, and young onions, wrapped in a steamed tortilla.
  • No cheese, as I can generally live without it. Though a nice hard sharp cheddar is desired sometimes
  • Monday! Again!
  • We have made it here after a challenging week, and that is something to cheer for.

Have a great Monday, and feel free to say hello, if you should be inclined to! Cheers to another week, and thank you, God for another do-over.