Monday Random: cleaning out the refrigerator

  • Buying healthy for two instead of four is challenging. I hate throwing food away, and did, often in the first months. But now I’m savvy
  • It’s less hot and low humidity today so that means it’s time to make Italian red gravy and chicken vegetable soup for the month
  • It was really scary opening the veg drawers in the fridge, and I did throw out half a cabbage and some potatoes that were beyond thought of food
  • Celery–not too many stalks went in the bin, the rest chopped fine. Some for the soup, a little for the red sauce, the rest in the freezer in a container I keep for lean days and busy days
  • Carrots–same as above–when I learned recently to make Bolognese sauce and put diced carrot in it–which I forgot to hide from hubby–I was astounded. Delicious addition my mother would not have approved of. It helped also with the acidity so I didn’t have to add sugar
  • Green pepper–pepper and egg sandwiches for breakfast and the rest in the freezer for when I make chicken cacciatore
  • So far–on one cup of coffee– the sauce is bubbling with meatballs in it, and the sink is full of sudsy water to wash dishes as I go.
  • It should be noted here that when we were first married, my husband said, ‘if you just cook like this all the time, I will the dishes’
  • Let’s not re-open that wound and put lemon juice in it
  • Seriously, I should not be able to count on two hands how many times he did dishes in 27 years. That should be at least 27 Mother’s Days
  • Okay, okay, we’ll skip to something positive, haha
  • I wanted to show you this rose:

hope rose

  • I don’t know what type it is, but it was supposed to be a large yellow bloom. We planted the bush in remembrance of my mother-in-law and the other deep pink one for my own mother, may they rest in peace.
  • If anyone knows what variety this is, do tell. Now that we have it, we love it. So delicate
  • You may recall my neighbor mowed over these struggling bushes when the landlord let the grass get too high. One, this one, had a few mangled leaves left and the other was completely gone. Just a broken twig was all I saw left in the dirt
  • My mother’s now has fresh growth on it and this one, well as you see, there is still life in the old girl
  • The metaphor did not escape me for something that felt dead and was mangled and beat up, like my life was for awhile, and finding that there is still a spark inside
  • If it weren’t for God I wouldn’t be making it. I was barely breathing. So grateful–

I can’t help but feel much hope that I have yet another Monday to work and grow and write and share.  I bid you a good day and wish for you a great, productive, creative week–


Monday Random–fare polpette di qualcuno

IV sign
The building peeking out from under the Italian Village sign is the Hyatt Center
  • Sometimes things are worse than they seem
  • Sometimes they are better than they seem because of the person we are with
  • Sometimes–the person we are with is a better person than we give them credit for
  • And at times–they are putting up with us and that is even harder than what they are dishing out. But–often it is in equal measure
  • We needed to have a really good day, to make up for the last two weeks
  • When bad times accumulate, they feel bigger than they really are, and it only takes a laugh sometimes to break that bubble
  • Yesterday while walking through downtown Chicago on a self-designed walking tour, we weren’t stopping when I wanted to. It was hot, though very breezy and nice, and less humid than much of the past week. I was getting grumpy. I needed a seat and water. But many streets west of State Street have closed stores on Sunday. This is something I had forgotten. Even three Starbucks we passed were closed, which is not my favourite, but it is one I figured I could count on to get water at when needed.
  • I was close to starting up with him because we hadn’t stopped and now there would be several blocks before we got to our next destination. I looked down a road and saw an aging Italian restaurant sign. I love adventures like that, to not go to the chain shops and not know until I get there where I will end up. So I did a walking u-turn and he said, “Where are we going?”
  • Even when he isn’t sure, he’ll follow me, especially in the city where I am more comfy than he is. I said, “I know where I am going now.” We walked down a block and into a/c, a dimly lit building where we had to walk up a flight to a charming maître d’ in a tuxedo who welcomed us in.
  • We had a tasty lunch in a dark, cool nook, lovely people, and a break in tension which would have resulted in quarreling. He had a meatball sandwich and I had the sausage. The Capitanini family has been in business there since 1927. Charming.
  • I had three glasses of water and two cups of coffee.
  • We will be back another day for dessert.
  • Affascinante e delizioso




Keep cool, and please have a great week. Thank you for reading–


Monday Random

  • I could live in t-shirts and tank tops (cotton). Plus, tank tops make almost every body type look attractive
  • I get distracted when I’m watching a movie and the actor is smoking, and clearly not really smoking
  • What’s up with coconut shrimp? I tried that this week. Ugh. Tasted like a Mounds candy bar with fish in it
  • Had some bad picnic food that must have been in the sun too long. I’m always skeptical about pot-luck but even more-so now
  • Isn’t bad plumbing one of the great levelers? Brings down the best
  • I’m not good at fasting. I know periodic fasting is good for me, but I always end up kind of woozy and needing some protein. a couple of eggs do me good. Even a banana helps.
  • I got a real shot in the arm for not giving up on my novel I am laboring over. I read a blog post where a gentleman–Canuck Carl that I have followed since my first blog–ran a 50 mile race. No piece of cake either. But he did not quit. Check him out, and you will be as inspired as I am to never give up on anything worthwhile.



Monday Random: love and hate list

It’s time for a little transparency:

I hate:

  1. people being mean, especially to the defenseless
  2. reading ‘teh’ for the
  3. your instead of ‘you’re’
  4. ‘bitch’ becoming part of the vernacular
  5. judging and dismissing based on the body or face
  6. milk
  7. beets
  8. honey
  9. hot, humid days
  10. socks with holes

I love:

  1. humble people who listen
  2. words
  3. music
  4. poets- crazy, strange, and wonderful people
  5. chocolate
  6. coffee
  7. every vegetable and fruit except beets. I eye artichokes and okra warily
  8. pasta
  9. Bill Murray
  10. cool, rainy days

I wish:

  • I spent more time listening when my kids were kids
  • there were less 1-strike-you’re-out people and more listeners
  • spring followed autumn
  • you weren’t so far away, you know who you are
  • the wrong people would leave me be and the right people would see how time is slipping away
  • honey didn’t taste so bad because I seem to be the only one in the world that hates it
  • Kurt Cobain and Robin Williams didn’t give up
  • we could sell laughter for currency
  • Orson Welles lived now, still making films
  • no one was hungry

A song about love and hate:

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Monday Random – grumpy edition


  • When you write 28 tweets on the same topic in less than an hour, it seems like you are on the wrong medium
  • Twitter doesn’t work well for rants. Unless you are a haiku master.
  • Rantku, is that a thing?
  • Don’t steal it now, I might use that!
  • If a doughnut or bear claw is acceptable in the morning, then I can dip a chocolate chip cookie in my coffee
  • Don’t judge me
  • You say you want to be friends, but you balk at any real conversation beyond lol and milf
  • That was a subtweet subnote
  • I know, I know, not a real word
  • A little gratefulness is important every day. Thank you for this coffee. It is so good and black

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Monday Random: The war on junk food or How I learned to stop worrying and love kale

  • The trick in healing your liver with vegetables seems to be one of two things: Either hide the vegetables under and within other foods you like, or  b. find more veg that you like and embrace those, and leave off the rest.
  • After all it’s not a prison sentence, the idea is to feel good
  • Door b. is best for me because I like almost all veg, but it gets more complicated with Mr. Street. Still, we have found an accord. He has informed me of the following: He doesn’t eat (ever) eggplant or kale, and b. if I am going to hide kale in something, don’t tell him about it
  • Ignorance is bliss?
  • His shirts from last summer fit better. Next day he said, ‘you could probably put more kale in my smoothies’
  • He loves beets, which I can’t even handle a bite of, so we are a perfect match if you go with the opposites attract theory

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I wanna talk about kale-

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Monday Random: potpourri

  • I’m using this Monday as a do-over from last week. Last week sucked balls. And you know I never use that language. But seriously. Sucked. Donkey. Ba…..well you know
  • In all fairness much of the crappiness of last week was my own fault so I’m done complaining. But that felt good and circumvented hours of whining to the husband which would start off another bad week and we don’t want that, do we
  • Question: what do you do to calm and soothe yourself? You’ve got your yoga and eating the ice cream from the container with a spoon approaches. But do you do anything quirky for your decompression time?
  • For me it’s very bad Lifetime movies or if it’s really horrible, Hallmark Christmas films. Even when it’s not Christmas
  • The first Christmas without the kids I watched Christmas with the Kranks fifteen times. True story
  • Nah, didn’t really help until I ate the ice cream as well
  • Complaining really isn’t healthy and passes bad juju around. Sorry about that. I think I won’t delete it though. Transparency is very trendy and I don’t want to come off as perfect because that would be worse
  • I’m learning to make pepper steak tonight. Hubby says it won’t work because I bought the wrong beef, but he’ll eat those words. It will be delicious and that will show him
  • When I used to cook it for a family I worked for as a domestic, I always put slices of tomatoes in it at the end. But none of the the recipes I’ve found use tomatoes. Do you put toms in yours?
  • Enjoy this new wave 80’s song to start off the week sad and sweet, and hey, don’t eat all the ice cream, have some kale as well

Have a great Monday!

You know what, how about one more hit from the 80’s. It’s like a big hug


Monday Random

This is an old fashioned Monday Random in its purest form – a stream of consciousness – thoughts with no theme. Yesterday required a lot of talking. Today – everything I want to say is lined up in my mind like bullet points. So let’s get to it.

  • There is something to be said for pizza suppers with only two plates and two glasses to wash after I’ve left them overnight
  • Not paper plates because I don’t like to use many disposables
  • We are going on a trip this summer we cannot afford
  • To save money we are eating eggs at 2/3 meals and found this is a very easy way to cut down on grocery costs
  • Salsa is a great ingredient for putting tomatoes and onions in the eggs when I am out of produce
  • Plus you can’t get a good tomato in May
  • My mother’s day became very special with an unexpected phone call and I am utterly grateful
  • For someone writing with brevity I am using a shit-ton of adverbs
  • I’m really grateful and happy for yesterday
  • I promised I would spend nothing on myself last week then bought a book of poetry
  • It’s a disease
  • I learned something this week about negotiating conflict
  • Explaining well is no guarantee someone will agree with me
  • I can live with them not agreeing with me
  • Talking things out is less important for convincing someone of my side and more important for learning to listen and seeing what they have to say
  • It seems you can sell some very bad poetry when you include a photo of a bare ass

Have a great Monday, and I will try and do the same !


Monday random: refrigerator soup

  • I am cleaning out my refrigerator and making soup. I find it cathartic to get a shiny clean fridge at the end and a pot of fresh, comforting soup
  • First I braise a chicken. My mother taught me how to use all of the chicken, no waste. Herbs, salt, pepper, garlic cloves, a carrot and a stalk of celery, plus water to not quite cover.
  • Once it’s in the oven I can get back to the fridge and gather up the aging, flaccid vegetables that won’t get eaten otherwise,  but will look and taste brilliant in the soup
  • I wash and trim them, and it’s kind of how I feel about my life the last few weeks. I’ve been lost in thought and meditation, trying to take thoughts of death in the spring, and clean them up into something more healthy and fresh, that still has life in it.
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Monday Random: Words

  • Words matter, and to me they matter probably more than people which is wrong- I know it’s wrong, so I’m working on that. I do feel guilty for saying that.
  • Words get propers from me because they kept me going between the ages of 10-20, and now they are saving my life.  I have to be grateful for that.
  • I was in the best, coolest conversation this weekend and I interrupted at an important juncture, taking the steam out of a good story I was hearing. I still feel badly about it. I would like to say something now to the storyteller and apologize, but that’s weird. I recognize it’s weird to agonize about it now. But I do want to be a better listener-
  • I used to be a self-proclaimed grammar nazi, but I saw it hurt others and realized it is not important that I be the Wonder Woman of words. I guess it comes with age.
  • Isn’t it funny how age brings both patience and impatience? I can be so grumpy about things, you know the things, those situations that make me want to say, ‘I am too old for this shit!’ But I am also more patient and serene about things I was so passionate about before.
  • I sometimes correct spelling and grammar in an e-mail before I reply to it.
  • I do feel bad about that
  • I still have an issue with your vs. you’re. I won’t say anything, but it causes me internal pain.
  • Does anyone else cringe when they hear ta-day instead of to-day? Probably fussy of me. It is most likely a regional thing, like here in the Midwest U.S. they often say, ‘ I want to go with-‘.
  • My mother loved words as well. Her favourite word she said was onomatopoeia  and second was Artaxerxes
  • I had to look up onomatopoeia. Twice.
  • Some of my favourite words are mellifluous, ineffable, nefarious, pluviophile, serendipity, deluge, fester, iridescent, orifice, chocolate, and coffee. Too many to list-

What are your favourite words? Do you correct grammar in others? Have a great Monday! Don’t let it get you down- Tuesday is coming!

  • p.s. Do you ever get annoyed at people who use too many exclamation points?!
  • Are you silently correcting my punctuation in my post?