Monday Random: Easter Sunday

  • Good morning
  • Easter was to be a small affair, just the two of us
  • The menu was simple: chicken parmesan, garlic bread, a big salad, and my famous cheesecake for dessert
  • Saturday I had been so sick, I lay around all day, in and out of sleep. Nothing serious, just a virus that’s been around our town and finally found me
  • Hubby had been sick already 3 days
  • By Sunday a.m. we knew neither of us were going to church
  • Dinner was a maybe, the day’s fare consisting mostly of tea and toast, and diet soda
  • Somewhere mid-day while watching movies, he got hungry and I made salads. That gave us some energy to think about the delicious chicken, but that meant being on my feet
  • What’s a girl to do?
  • The cheesecake finally made it into the oven, but had to refrigerate a minimum of four hours
  • The chicken was finished cooking mid-evening, declared delicious, and gobbled up, sans bread or veg or anything else
  • Then I passed out during the next movie
  • When I woke up, I was sad that it was bedtime and he hadn’t had any Easter cheesecake. I cut him a slice and he declared one bite delicious, saving the rest for Monday
  • I opted out of that or toast or anything, laying down again and waking up to the t.v. another hour later, past midnight
  • We finally had the good sense to find our bed, then talked more into the night before we both passed out to our fever dreams
  • I dreamed about Barry White. He was hanging out with me in a black, glittery suit, a whale of a man. I said, “That suit just glitters, it really shines.”
  • He said, “You shine, in everything you do.”
  • Damn, I have an endorsement from Barry White. I woke up feeling a little better and more confident than ever to continue on the path I have chosen. What a guy.

Happy Monday! We are all still here, and glad to be. If we ever get re-married to renew our vows as we’ve discussed, I want this song to be part of it. Allbest as we start out this week together. Thanks for reading. You know,  I never take that for granted–


Monday Random: spring cleaning

  • Though starting rather late, our cleaning for spring is advancing well
  • In my defense, it is difficult to forget that the season is not still winter
snowy cropped
the weather, Palm Sunday 2019
  •  We drove to church in driving snow, the visibility poor, but we got there safely
  • This morning the sun is so bright, I cannot see, even just looking out the window. Inspiring!
  • There were a few scuffles in the parceling out of cleaning tasks, but all was peaceful by day’s end
  • Today is a grocery and baking day, hopefully with a nice corner to read in later, when I have earned it

Happy Monday! It has come again. I bid you a great one, or at least a peaceful one–oh, and did I mention I love the blues? (the music, not depression) I love them like I love a good haiku–sadness and hope in one tasty morsel. Time for coffee and breakfast!




Coffee, cake, and conversation: Is Writing a Process?

“What do you want?”
“Just coffee. Black – like my soul.”
-Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

black and sweet
black and sweet

Thank you for joining me this morning for coffee. Cake? Don’t you think it is a little early for baked goods? Yes, I know I did say there would be cake. Let’s start with the coffee and work up to it, hmm? I just woke up. I have a few things on my mind this morning, mostly to do with writing, with contemplation and meditation. The why’s and how’s and where for’s. First the coffee.

There is something about sharing a cuppa, whether it be coffee, tea or chocolate, that really lends itself, well, to sharing. There is a community about it with so many cultures. Here is a scene from Casablanca. Ilsa and Victor are at the Blue parrot with Ferrari. They share an iced Turkish coffee while discussing travel plans.

Iced Coffee
Iced coffee at the Blue Parrot

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Conversations: (why) don’t you trust me

I was told to open up
I was asked to show my real face

/don’t you trust me yet/

(no. But I can’t tell you that. You might be dangerous.)

/what is the real you/

[what are you wearing] Really? That?

please, don’t.

/show me/

Lana del Rey is crooning about Summertime from the other room while I have clicked on a poet I never read before, reading about her grief. The two meet somewhere between rooms and I imagine them as performance art. I write something to that effect on Twitter. Ten minutes later I get embarrassed. I delete it.

I show you a picture of an animal in a trap.

/ I don’t get it/

Then why ask to see it? Why ask for transparency without a measure of mercy and understanding in your pockets?

/show me more/

You’re a sadist, aren’t you?

/don’t you trust me?/


[should I?]

I don’t know.

Monday Random: imminent disaster

  • It has been a while since we’ve convened on a Monday, hasn’t it? Let’s do this
  • First I wanted to tell you that I got a little sick from eating a bitter zucchini.
  • Apparently, this is called curcurbit poisoning
  • I found the information while looking for ways to curb the flavour of a zucchini that was particularly bitter i.e. like in the way that you make eggplant palatable
  • This is very rare, so don’t be scared, just take note if your squash tastes bitter
  • You can lose your hair
  • You can die from it

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Monday Random: patience

  • It seems like the more things improve the faster I want to see the really good stuff come to me. I know that’s not how it works, except in Hallmark Movies
  • I was told the hardest parenting time would be when they were teenagers. The twenties have their own new challenges, like knowing when to butt in and push and when to back off
  • I talked to my friend this week who turns 94 soon. It put needed patience into perspective
  • This is a lady who was very athletic and took good care of herself all her life. She told me the last time she did a cartwheel in the yard was age 80
  • Now she has to use a walker, and I felt like if I breathed too hard she would just float off. She is small now, frail.
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Monday Random: peace


  • Can our marriage survive doing laundry together at the laundromat? 27 years and the jury is still out
  • I am not fond of being micro-managed, and in my mid-50’s now, that is not likely to change
  • I am fairly verbal about this point
  • I have done my own laundry since my mother made me start doing all of it,  roughly age 15
  • We have a small store here that sells candy I liked as a kid but can’t find anywhere else anymore
  • Still, Chuckles and a Chunky are not a balanced breakfast, even with a cup of coffee
  • I’m guessing that the combination of sugar, caffeine, and hormones were not a good mix, but then he did have it coming
  • At least all he got was a little verbal angst. I heard a woman killed her husband once for biting his nails–

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Monday Random–thankful

  • I am glad I did NaNoWriMo this year. I was considering quitting it because I don’t need the impetus to write every day anymore, as I already do that now
  • But I need other things, like interaction. Imput. Inspiratation.
  • There is definitely more there than just a gimmick, or a crutch as some see it
  • But I know it’s not for everyone
  • I got reacquainted with a couple of people from other Nano’s and met a couple of new people I will potentially write with again
  • They have positive attitudes and a spirit of fun that has been very attractive to my grumpy, sometimes pessimistic spirit

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I’ve got you, babe

We took a day trip last October to Woodstock, Illinois. There is a lovely park there in this perfect compact square with great parking. But it wasn’t the park per se that drove us there. It was the knowledge that much of the movie Groundhog Day was filmed there, and we were on a pilgrimage of sorts. I will watch anything by Bill Murray, and he has a sort of ‘if-you-can’t-beat-em-join-em attitude’, about it, much how I am with Star Trek.

Weather-wise, we got lucky. If you’re into the crisp as an apple, leaves flying around autumn days, this one was perfect. We parked across from the Woodstock Opera House.

Opera House.jpg

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