At dusk a breeze of relief
skims over shoulders
light losing its grip on ambition
as dreams take over their domain
strictly business as usual
fireflies fluttering
where bees spent the day foraging

Smoke signals
from a passing car
smell like longing and leftover
Christmases never used up
give up your spot in line
don’t be afraid, when
night falls with its treasure

you wrote the script

not sure what you thought would happen
manboy who wormed into my heart
lying and expecting no consequences
perhaps everyone else accepted the blame
when you stomped their hearts to ragged bloody bits
but mama didn’t raise no doormat, all that
just part of your script and I burned my copy

rain requires poets answer
typically I reply
often silent until
I have something to say
then you can’t shut me up
about who it is
that can’t stop crying
from the sky