About Pleasant Street

Pleasant Street is a mother, baker, and poet. She has been writing poetry since fourth grade. Now she is writing a neo-noir thriller and a collection of poems about the seasons of life and God’s abundant and ever-changing earth. She thinks too hard and feels too deeply, and appears to be stuck in 1948. She is still dreaming up a way to use baked goods as legal tender.

Pleasant lives on a tree-lined street where nothing seems to happen on the outside, but she is certain many thrillers are contained behind closed doors. She is often carried away by flights of fancy, but that suits her very well.

10 thoughts on “About Pleasant Street

  1. Since I am very often carried away with my own imagination…I understand totally…who knows what is going on in my own nice suburban neighborhood! Are they all watching The Voice and HGTV like my family or are they painting murals on their walls and ceilings? Or are they running a gambling operation in the back room? A wild imagination is important, you know!!!!

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  2. I, too, speculate about my neighbours’ actions. Why did the man opposite leave his car doors open all day? What smell so polluted his vehicle? Was it the smell of guilt?
    I like your introduction!


  3. I agree that the most extraordinary stories – gruesome, spine chilling or whatever – are often to be found in very ordinary homes or work-places. Hope your neo-noir thriller is going well. 🙂


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