Monday Random: words, marvelous words

  • It is NaNoWriMo time again
  • For the uninitiated, National Novel Writing Month
  • It may be splitting hairs, but shouldn’t that be ‘National Novel-Writing Month’?
  • Today I learned what a gusset is. How did I go to nearly 60 without knowing that word?
  • Over coffee this morning, hubby and I got to talking about words in the English language that look alike, and sound differently
  • specifically, consonant blends that have 2 or more pronounciations.

  • We have friends and aquaintances for whom English is a second language. I want to know how much stress that adds to the learning for someone acquiring English later in life
  • Kids learn from listening and reading
  • I suppose that adults do the same, but it does seem like a more efficient process for children, especially under the age of 10.
  • Take, for example, this letter sequence: o-u-g-h
  • I will let Lucy and Ricky demonstrate better than I could:
  • I started reading at 4, and have always been curious about words.
  • My mother and I played games when I was a teenager, little games we invented using the dictionary.
  • When my 20-something son was here to visit in June, he saw my giant dictionary from the 50’s and asked if he could have it when I die.
  • He also asked if we could play games with words from the dictionary. My heart soared. Hell, yes!
  • We also painted together while watching Bob Ross.
  • We are trying to get him home for Christmas, but both budgets are tight. Still hoping.
  • I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I did want to show you what it looked like here on that day. Check this out:

October 31 2019.jpg

I hope you had a great Monday. There are only 2 more hours left to my Monday, and some of you are into Tuesday already. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, so we must grab whatever opportunities we have to communicate with one another. Be well. Here are some blues appropriate for both Monday and Tuesday from the late, great B.B. King, who I saw in concert twice–once at the Chicago Blues Festival in the 80’s, and once more in New York at the Westbury Music Fair. Here’s Stormy Monday, written by T-Bone Walker.

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