Monday random

  • Those who know me well know that I have resisted getting a cell phone for all these years
  • except for a brief tryst with a flip phone between ’06-’08
  • I have a new friend who is quickly becoming like one of the family who says it is not safe for me not to have a phone with the cars I drive, old and rusting away as they are
  • I say it is a luxury
  • a nuisance
  • but she is right. One car is a ’94 and one is a ’99.
  • They make some of the same noises my knees make on stairs.
  • So that’s that.

  • Truly one of the biggest bothers is being a cliché–
  • an old-fashioned person who looks stupid trying to make the thing work.
  • But I am trying to get into the spirit of things.
  • If it is useful for my writing, then I will try and be a good sport
  • grumble, grumble
  • but
  • I will not be this guy

phone car

  • or these gals

phone street.jpg

  • and we have promised one another that our dates will look like this, always, looking and speaking only to one another

dinner no phoneI

I hope your Monday was great, as mine was. God bless, and thank you for reading, as always. I never take it for granted!

I said I would never get a mobile phone, and I also said I would not ever post a cat video. So this is a day like no other–




11 thoughts on “Monday random

  1. Hahahaha at Maru. How did we ever manage without “cell” phones. News traveled faster without them. My parents knew what I did, with who and where I was before I even got home at nights NOW people can’t find their kids, much less really know what they are doing. I have a phone, and I disabled everything on it but calls and text. Hubby said I needed to go work for a tech company because he tried for 3 hours to download a music “app” on my phone and it wouldn’t let him hahaha. AND anyone who knows me knows that if it is more than 3 text long, they will either call or not hear back. It takes an hour to type a 5 minute conversation. ;)


      1. Exactly. I don’t take calls in the car, don’t take it into a business or someone else home. It just stays in the car when I am out or on the counter when I am home hahaha. Put it this way, I can go 6 days and some odd hours(because I check it before charging) before it needs to be charged hahaha.

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  2. Even your bullet points are musical.
    I don’t like cats. They are too selfish.
    I love dogs. And I love beautiful mobile phones.
    It’s not their fault people can get under
    your skin through them. Here’s the trick:
    put them in do-not-disturb mode oftener.


  3. I completely get it, especially the safety part. I had a small cell phone once but I can’t remember why. I think it had something to do with traveling and contacting people who were meeting me at airports. And then I got a smart phone to use Uber (an absolute necessity). I discovered that texting was the only way to get a response from my grandchildren. I learned to text. This is what I do not do – always keep the sound turned on, carry it around with me except on special occasions, check the weather but not emails on it, take pictures with it. It lives in a drawer in the table next to my recliner. It lives with me on my own terms. Thanks for giving me a chance to confess.

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    1. Yes, that is it in a nutshell. Living with it on my own terms, with no apologies necessary! Oh, and texting my children and one of my friends did much to help our relationship, because that was how they communicated. It made me come to the center to meet them, so I totally get that.

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