Does it bother you


pink boa

I don’t believe in eternal soulmates
I was
too old to be naïve, and
too young
to put all my money on you

you have your preferences
like anyone
tea over coffee
scone over a muffin
a girl over a woman

it is no wonder
I stopped fighting you
so why do I sit here
in your pocket
where you put me

listening to you choose her
my pink boa–slipping
while you are looking at her
(did you know)

she is not looking at you
while you speak–

6 thoughts on “Does it bother you

  1. Geez, this speaks volumes to my heart. Going through something similar. New wine breaks old wineskins, so they say. Old wine has so much more flavor. But some can’t see it. The years of days and moments shared are cast out in a fit of foolishness and unexplained longing. So how do you turn off the love, even when one side walks away (even if not literally)?

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  2. It was difficult and transparent to write, and reading your comments here and on soundcloud means a lot to me, that you understand.
    Are you writing in NaNo this year? I kind of scrubbed it last year, but I might–


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