Separated by inches

Pacing at the window while the clock ticks in disbelief
Every hour today is wrap’t up in my irreverent grief.

Pointed fingers say it is my choosing and I take my penance
Our two languages have robbed us of our romance like a thief.

Agendas were voted on and no one else could be deemed errant
Watching twenty years drop one by one like an October leaf.

Outside I hear the robin’s and the bluejay’s raucous discontent
‘Twould be arrogant to view their passing as more than merely brief.

Oh Rose, you have done yourself in by worry’s cunning snares
All your cares now laid upon pillows of music and belief.


I dislike epilogues, or explanation of any kind accompanying poetry. But, this poem is a long time coming, and promised to Uma at One Grain Amongst the Storm . I read and enjoy his ghazal poems, a form in which I have wanted to try for some time, with only confidence holding me back. Like the haiku, the ghazal comes with a respected history, of which I would not want to disrespect with poor lines.

All that to say, here is my version of an English Ghazal. Thank you


9 thoughts on “Separated by inches

  1. This ghazal is dripping wet with the favourite strain of your poetry. You have taken to the medium like a fish to water. True to the spirit of ghazals, each couplet has its own force, and together they add up to a larger total of despondency and listlessness. That the two lines of the opening couplet do not rhyme gives the composition your unique stamp. Welcome aboard!

    Thanks for immortalising me with the reference!


    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that. It was harder than I expected, but a lot of fun also, to create within the form.
      I do feel I ought to fix the first couplet, as that was not deliberate, leaving off the rhyme. I forgot that rule!
      I was happy to guide others to your writings-


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