Measure twice, cut once

She was my biggest fan
when I was not even sure
of my words, always failing me
to get what was inside
on the outside

I was her biggest critic
(there was a time)
when I saw only anger
my way of grieving over a life
that could not be reversed

Here I am
twenty years past
thumbing through volumes
rifling over fabric scraps
to find a pattern
to answer questions

and all I see is love
through the eyes
of the mercy of time past
how she took reams of my words
sharing them
sowing them like seeds

then dead at 56
we were out of time
and any chance to bridge gulfs
and sew seams, but I remember
how we had pie and coffee
and laughed


21 thoughts on “Measure twice, cut once

  1. This is very beautiful. It reminds me of my mother. We had coffee and pie–cake too. And sometimes, before we both quit, there were cigarettes with our discussion. How I miss that; the discussion. And sometimes, though it’s been years and years, even the cigarettes. Still, it has gotten easier. I hope the same for you.

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    1. I had to read this twice because it touched me so much. Yes for sure, easier in time. 22 years here.
      After she was gone I didn’t grieve well at first. I knew for sure I wanted her cedar chest but said no to everything else. Then, he didn’t know what to do with the contents of her sewing room. So I dumped it all into boxes. I didn’t touch it for 20 years. Now I go through fabric, notes, patterns, quilt blocks…you name it. It means so much.

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      1. My mother died three years ago. I have all the pictures, candle holders, vases…Oh my gosh, there was/is so much stuff. My mom collected antiques. It’s bagged up in the storage house. I haven’t touched it. But I must. And I will. Lord willing.

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      2. I guess we go deal with everything tangible when we are ready. For me it was the smell of her house, and all of it. I just couldn’t. For a long time. I don’t think anyone else can say when one person is ready. You’re right, you will, when you are ready.

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