Monday Random

  • It is a pretty day, and I have not been outside since Friday, except for provisions
  • We might go by the Lake. That would be Lake Michigan, a really pretty place

lake blue and breezy

  • I had an ailment that is improving now–nothing serious, just irritating, but I am grateful to get some relief and feel like going out
  • There is something about the water that draws us, me and Mr. Street–and it always has amazed me how one could feel so good just being near it, or staring out over it
  • Perhaps part of its allure is sharing the space with birds and boats

  • And for the record, I am good to be on shore. I have been in a few boats, but just for short excursions
  • I have a motion thing. (add that to my list)
  • Here’s another day we were there, a colder day, but clear

rough waters

  • That darn camera–always missing my face. Why is that?
  • One thing I have been in my head about this week has been sifting through thousands of pictures, and looking for documents of ancestry online
  • I found out that one great-grandpa was married prior to us, and lost a baby just five months into the marriage.
  • Another grandpa lied about his age and hers when they got married, and might have been merely teenagers.
  • I guess that goes to show that all truth will come out in the wash eventually, if someone wrote something down at sometime, somewhere, it will be found out.
  • For me it adds color and mystery to what was a dark spot in my family history that no one would discuss past 2 generations.
  • How sad to be so unloved when you pass, that no one will talk about you.

april 30 water

  • There are layers of color in the sea and sky that I cannot paint. I have tried. Someday I hope to capture it.

Have a great Monday, and don’t let it get you down. You know how Mondays can be! But it is another day, and we have woke up and have breath, so I cannot help but be happy about that. Let’s listen to a little music before we get out the door–



9 thoughts on “Monday Random

  1. Great post, very uplifting. :). I have the same type draw to water. It just helps me feel good, calm, happy. I understand about wanting to paint the sky and sea, but struggling to get the colors! I’ve tried it with Landscape quilts, not a fun outcome. And FYI, my parents were teenagers when they married. My dad was 19 and my mom was 16! I can not even imagine how I would have handled household type duties at 16! haha! And to make a living at 19? Amazing. Anyway, I really enjoyed your post, we have similar likes it seems. Enjoy the music! You’ve Got a Friend is playing on my Spotify.


    1. Thank you! My mother married at 18, and I can’t imagine how she did it, considering how poorly I did it at 27!
      Thank you for your sunny comment, and I do think God’s colors are difficult to reproduce :)


  2. I guess we are drawn to water because that’s the stuff we came out of, the stuff we are made of largely. You’ll notice when in water, you’ll be always be drawn to its periphery, to the bank or the shoreline. It’s both dilemma and crux of wistfulness.

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  3. Hope you continue to feel better each day. I’ve been fiddling with lately, too. I thought I had pretty good information that has been handed down by my family, minus a few middle names and such. I was wondering what hospital I was born in and checked the baby book my mother created for me. There I found everybody’s middle name for three generations. :)


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