Monday Random: dog days

  • It got mighty hot in the midwest of the states, and, for me, that means near Chicago
  • Oh, I am sure it was as hot in other places before and after our heat spell broke, but I guess it was smart of them, whoever ‘them’ is, to alert the public so they keep hydrated and check on loved ones who live alone in highrises
  • Does anyone remember this tragedy in 1995?
  • Still, I don’t want to be that guy, you know the one
  • The complainer.
  • Hot enough for you? Haha

  • My body wasn’t built much for the humidity and extreme heat combo, but I have tried not to be complaining about it this year. After all, remember this past winter that didn’t want to end?
  • So when a neighbor passes me, wanting to exchange weather pleasantries, I just remark–ah well, it’s not snowing
  • In addition, a rather heinous twister passed us and jumped into the lake, so I am grateful
  • It also passed over the house of beloved family members.
  • Oh, I’ve had my fun with tornadoes in the past, and I am sure I will again, but I am happy for the heat when it comes with a breeze and gentle summer solemnity
  • So I sweat a bit. I was built that way
  • Keeps the pores clean!
  • And everything is so green, I have to squint when I look outside.
  • I know I haven’t had much to say lately in here, and I do feel badly about that.
  • I  have much on my mind, I just don’t know what order to write it in. Meanwhile, two novels sit while I tinker with haiku
  • I always thought that ‘dog days‘ was a good way to describe the heavy, burdensome, hot and humid midsummer, when everything seems to move a bit slower
  • Just now though, I would like to see a few things slow down, watching people change and move away, get sick and leave this place for good. Well it’s enough to make a person cry
  • I guess that is when we look about at the others still here, still sharing the same breath, and see what can be done to show how much we love them
  • See what I mean? My head is so full and my heart is weighed down, but it is not just a burden, it is a welcome thing, this kind of love and care
  • I went over 10 years barely living, and so–bring it on! Bring on the crappy weather and the sad songs! I can take whatever you throw at me
  • Though it is going  to take a few other hands in mine to accomplish it, so I better stop moping and get at this thing called living–

It’s another Monday! Thank you, God for more time and more chances to show the people I love that I do indeed love them–

And thank you for reading all the way to the bottom. You’re my hero!


9 thoughts on “Monday Random: dog days

  1. Thank you for writing your bare feelings about heat and your not having felt alive for a time. I have been in a spell like yours only one of my own. I want to write but nothing stirs me. Life is too real right now. It was interesting to learn that you live near Chicago. I lived there from 1994 to 2012.


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