Monday random: silence

  • I am going to say this right out, right now: I am uncomfortable with complete silence
  • The reasons for this are varied, but most come from childhood and are fairly evident by poetry regarding the same. Rephrased: enough said about that.
  • This week I was under the weather, mostly I think from allowing myself to become rundown
  • Plus after a particularly rough patch, I followed it with a great deal of sugary snacks, which we all have come to know are poison.
  • I did not go to the doctor, but I did doctor myself with water, vegetables, fruit, vitamins, sunshine, and colloidal silver
  • and sleep, which I am still working on.
  • I just can’t get enough, but I am trying

  • and I hate using medication to do it, but if I have to knock myself out to get restorative sleep, so be it.
  • In the meantime, I have had many hours and days to ponder, read, write, and listen. I found myself often in silence, which is new territory for me
  • I have the radio on or a movie playing most of the time.
  • There is a place in the silence, if I listen very well, where I learn something
  • and prayer is a big part of that solemnity and pondering.
  • I am nearly there, and that is good, as this upcoming week will require much of me
  • and I don’t want to continue to let others down as in the past.
  • I have learned that love is not merely holding a hand and hugging, and saying lovely things, it is also being there-
  • sometimes in places and times that are inconvenient or yucky.
  • Love.
  • Someone told me off once on Twitter how thinking love would solve anything was naive.
  • But I know it, I have learned it, and I have come from the dark places into the light.
  • It isn’t easy.
  • I have to care about myself and others
  • I have to love hard and forgive
  • and above all
  • I have to be brave.

Have a great Monday, and thank you for reading along with my thoughts. They are joyful, blue, confused, frustrated, thankful, loving, kind, and impatient. There is a lot going on in there, but my thoughts are coming together now, like a well-pieced quilt.


11 thoughts on “Monday random: silence

  1. Thanks for sharing. You sound real and that’s nice. Best of luck be with you and may you feel God be at your side this week. (I know he will be there, listen for him.). Take care of yourself. Love and hugs, MaryV

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