Sing me to sleep
The night is hard
press’d to give up
its joy
you went too soon
I want to hear you
tell stories
you used to tell

I knew you were happiest
when you were a little girl
traveling state to state
in a time when
girls didn’t give up dolls
so young
as now

For you I would have tea
so we could share
iced, with chips
laughs again over
silly thoughts
he never understood
but I always laughed

Laughs come at a premium now
like gasoline
and forgiveness
your unbounded joy
something I got for free
and tonight
I remember
and laugh


18 thoughts on “Mama

      1. Mine is complicated, too, and I am learning to find and appreciate such things. Your poem is lovely, and gently reminds me of simpler and purer things in life and in the heart. ❤️

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  1. I can feel the closeness you had with your mother. Sad when it’s time to let go. “Unbounded joy” is a amazing gift she was given and you have the gift of joyous memories of her presence.

    Liked by 1 person

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