Jesus, you are not a building

A good Friday psalm

You are not a building.
You are not songs, millennia old.
I am yours and you are mine
and that is my joy

Please don’t let me take that for granted
Or stop thanking you–
for you are not a building
or angry mobs, but you are there

You are not this hate-filled debate
but you see it–hear it–and know
what is true–not this circular argument
that breaks our hearts

You are not my race.
You are not my gender.
You are not my house.
But my body is your temple

I beg you to open my eyes
so I see all of the truth.
Is it enough to know that I need you?
I know myself

I am no better or worse
than anyone on my screen, or
on my street, or in that building
that you are not

23 thoughts on “Jesus, you are not a building

    1. Oh if I could be a real light, that would make me so happy. I have been in a real swamp for so long. I have found some relief, more than I could have imagined from prayer.

      Thank you for coming by–great to see you!


  1. Beautiful expression of who Jesus is. I, too, have found that church buildings are not large enough to contain Jesus. I pray to God “whose I am but do not know. Happy Easter.


  2. Rose, I see Jesus in your poem as the life-giving force God breathed into each of us at creation. I pray also that the world might become a Christ-filled building. Happy Easter. <3


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