Monday Random on Tuesday: time

  • In catch-up mode, I can do no less than to write a Monday post and be humble about it, rather than let it go another week yet
  • I know that would bother me more
  • I still must write a #CinemaShame post that was due December 31, so I am actually feeling pretty good about myself for this one!
  • I feel fine in the sense that I am stressed as all get out, but the sun is out and man, if I can’t springboard off that and the 60F+ temps today, I’m useless!

  • I also saw a pair of cardinals this morning
  • The birds, not the Roman Catholic kind.
  • I don’t tend to use exclamation points much. They seem a bit hyporbolic. That’s two already which is looking rather pert and chipper don’t you think?
  •  Another positive–I found chicken in the back of the fridge that I thought had gone bad, but it smelled quite fresh. I have it in the oven now and it smells amazing. Half will be BBQ for dinner and the other half will be chicken soup
  • This post will wind up brief, as I really must get back to my projects

I wish you a great Monday Tuesday and hope for a productive, joy-filled week for us all–

2 thoughts on “Monday Random on Tuesday: time

  1. I enjoy this simply human post. I saw a female cardinal (of course not Catholic) the other day. I found a package of feta cheese that expires in two weeks in the drawer in my refrigerator where I keep cheese and deli-meat. Made a good omelet with it. Writing Tuesday instead of Monday is fine with me. When I wake up in the morning I have to sit on the side of my bed until I figure out which day of the week it is. You are one up on me, Rose. Have a great day!!!


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