Lemon pie blues

Today hurt bad like cuts on my fingers
then slicing lemons for hours
your face, always disappointed, and
I would like to be the girl
to bring light to your eyes

How do I explain why it hurts more
to be misunderstood than kicked
honey, how I wish I could have you here
to protect me now
because I am feeling low

Feeling tired and wondering why
I never fit into this world of woe
come Sunday, everything
is going to feel alright
praise God on Sunday we will dance

and give happiness one more chance
come Sunday
everything is gonna feel alright

11 thoughts on “Lemon pie blues

  1. This resonates so strongly with me. I am in a situation where I am having to deal with someone, regularly, who demoralizes me every time I see her….yesterday, I played music my Mom used to play and wished so much that she were here to protect me from this, to guide me through it. I know it’s not exactly what you are writing about here, but you words brought me to these feelings. Thank you for sharing this.


    1. Good morning…are you ready for a shock? I did not originally write this for my mother, but when I read it aloud this morning before posting it, it was my mom I thought of, how she would sit with me, and laugh, and bring some sunshine into a dark place. Thank you so much for sharing. It means a lot to me, to feel less alone in these thoughts.

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  2. You have a gift of creating a tangible experience from a few simple things, like cuts on your fingers hurting when you create a lemon pie. Sweet and sour memory. This is beautiful.


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