Monday random: no fool like an old fool


  • I always think of pranks to play on April Fool’s Day, but I rarely do them
  • I did some pranking as a child but it only brought on anger, not the fun of it
  • It could be my fault, not having the cool, smooth nature to pull of a brilliant prank that also elicits laughs and smiles
  • I will say–on the subject of humour–that laughing at myself has come a long way, and been a healing force in our marriage
  • Sometimes–IT’S JUST NOT FUNNY!
  • Sometimes–I FEEL STUPID, QUIT IT~!
  • Then there is that moment, we are teetering on the edge of an argument
  • no one really wants this argument, the day is long and we are tired
  • It takes a lot of work to state your case, and even moreso to try and win
  • And I say something funny, something silly, at just the right moment
  • He could be angry, he could stomp out of the room
  • I could cry then, and the evening together lost
  • But he starts laughing, and then I do and then we erupt in the belly-wrenching kind of hard laugh that is long overdue
  • and the evening is saved
  • Humour!
  • Good for what ails ya

Here are a few YouTube smiles and laughs that I have had recently. Happy Monday! Happy Spring!






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