Burning question: technology

Hello! This is an old feature from my first blog that I am reprising here tonight, with this first burning question of the new year. It is in regards to being technology-challenged, and needing to be less so, and quickly.

I don’t use a cell phone. There. I said it.

I have a new project that involves my interviewing someone, and I would really like to have a full, recorded log of all our conversations. This person does have a good phone, so they would have access to all the helpful apps. Will it be a complicated thing for that person to record, then send me the voice files? Would there be a file size limit issue as there is in my normal e-mail, also when I use my mic and try to save files–

I understand there are good voice apps for dictation. I also heard that one could have the conversations transcribed so they can be typed out.

I would appreciate anyone who can provide imput and suggestions as to good apps to use and how I might go about this in the most efficient way.

Thank you! Your opinion is requested–



6 thoughts on “Burning question: technology

  1. I have no idea of the validity of the claims of this article but to give you some idea of whats out there, then you can do more research. I just googled “best free voice to text software for windows 10” to see what popped up and clicked on one of the first articles, or sometimes changing up the wording gives you different results. For instance as you research sometimes you will find one word gives you more accurate results than others. Hope this helps!



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