Monday Random–been a while

    • My last Monday Random featurette was in November.
    • I am slacking in a few things
    • The words keep coming but they are not all in order
    • I find it difficult to even look at my novels right now
    • But I must finish
    • I did not make New Year’s resolutions this year, except perhaps an unspoken one, that I would finish all my started projects
    • I love the start!

  • the creating, the forming, the excitement of creative thought
  • I don’t seem to want to do the work of editing and finishing
  • even on my sewing projects
  • maybe I am just lazy?
  • oh know no, say it isn’t so
  • It’s true, that it would be fun to live in that dreamworld that is my head, but it does not make money unless the work gets done
  • and furthermore
  • blah, blah blah
  • yep, we all no know what needs to get done
  • so sharpen up that red pencil, Rose, and get to work already
  • It is almost spring!

Much love and peace, and thank you for reading. I will say that I have found a special peace that I was told was possible with Christ but I was not living it. Prayer, hope, love, joy, all possible. I had no idea.

Thank you for reading, and happy Monday!! Even if it is a blue monday, it is ours to grab and to do with what we will.

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