Monday Random: Thanksgiving is (was)

  • great leftovers
  • a healthy dose of family guilt
  • overdose on stuffing and green bean casserole
  • lack of affection for poultry for the next two months
  • a lot of dishes
  • few offers to help with said dishes
  • joy at seeing what the next generation is up to
  • old pictures
  • old stories
  • an opportunity to get the kid to visit and catch up
  • an opportunity to talk out the confusions with e-mail conversations
  • lots of love
  • bit of sadness
  • more sadness
  • some regret
  • dash of mercy
  • realization I can pretty much live without pumpkin
  • cinnamon makes me happy
  • I wish that the holiday was in early October with no chance of snow
  • smiles
  • more love
  • too close to Christmas
  • annual listing of body parts that are failing

Fourth snow so far in November, what a year! Maybe this will be one of those times we have a spring-like Christmas. Have a great Monday–stay warm–




11 thoughts on “Monday Random: Thanksgiving is (was)

      1. She loves to try new recipes. This year she did new things with the stuffing and sweet potatoes. Fortunately, she cooks the entrees a day ahead of time and was able to make a new stuffing (with chorizo instead of Italian sausage), but that one didn’t satisfy her either. Meanwhile on Thanksgiving, I’m chowing down like it’s the best meal ever. I loved it!


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