Monday Random

  • I went to mail a letter in my building without looking in the mirror first.
  • Day by day, I am getting back to my normal self
  • Whatever normal is
  • Perhaps normal is what I feel like inside, without anyone else’s expectations
  • I would also try to erase some regrets, though they cannot really be forgotten, and add to our experiences, what makes us wiser
  • sadder and wiser
  • Today’s weather here is a good illustration of how I view my life right now

  • Woke up frigid and bitter cold, toes hanging out
  • Left the house walking in the sunshine, so bright I could hardly see.
  • I met a girl at the lab that was all sunshine and light. If she wore a sash, it would have been Miss Positivity.
  • I do tend to expect the worst
  • Only good part of that is I keep my head covered
  • The bad part is some unnecessary stress and an inability sometimes to see what someone is really made of.
  • I like Mondays–they are a do-over, a fresh start, and this one with its sunshine and smiles is just the ticket for the rest of the week.
  • I lost a friend this week, but
  • Yes, there is a but, a big one, in that she was 94 years old. She really lived, didn’t she?
  • She gave more than she took. That’s what I would put on her stone if I were in her family.
  • She was like a mother, a grandmother, a sister, and a friend.
  • She always told the truth.
  • So I am really sad, and had my big cry, but I know she isn’t crying anymore.
  • I love you Marian–save me a place up there




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