Monday Random: warm days, cold nights

  • It was very pretty today. We were both home and decided to get out and hang with nature

lake splashy and sandy.jpg

  • Our craft show experience was good, though not as lucrative as we had hoped. We both made potential contacts and friends, and all in all we don’t regret jumping into the craft fair milieu
  • We totally have to streamline our display, or hire someone younger with better knees to carry it in and out for us
  • Today was just lovely. I will hate to see October leave us soon

lake blue and breezy.jpg

  • It was also clean out the refrigerator and make soup day, which is always a treat, especially during sweater weather
  • None of this is terribly interesting but it is calm, at a time when we need peace and calm to settle our spirits
  • As the sun sets on another Monday, and we prepare for a new day I take all the shells and sandy rocks from my pocket and lay them out with the driftwood, and tuck this memory away, watching the shadows get longer and longer until the light fades

wall shadows


I hope your Monday was everything you hoped it would be. Just found this song and thought it was pretty keen–

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