grief in four parts

say what you like
if it makes you feel good
truth is still truth
and no one knows
until they do
but that isn’t what
I wanted to talk about–
it is about grief

I know how it is
how the big gossip
slaps you between the thighs
but you might be wise
to wait until you know
for certain
still that isn’t what
I meant to say today–
it is about forgiveness

you are repeating
yourself now
and I know how
passionate you are
but what if you are wrong
then you will have
to take it back
but this isn’t really
what is on my mind
it is about generosity

I remember how we laughed
over espresso and Earl Grey teas
oh please
we never argued then
we were too enthralled
with connections
and sugar packets

but that is breaking the rules
to bring up the past, when
this is really more about


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