Date night ditty

It is Friday night and all the boys and girls
are out dancing and smoking their way into dawn

We have settled in and we have settled
so much, so that I have
stirred my hope from April into my cup
to make some use of it
the odes are wasted on us

Friday night and the boys and girls
dance their way into smokey dawn

It is not hopeless, after all
I stayed behind to nurse the wounded cavalry
hooves stamping mercilessly for attention
through summer wine and typhoon
was it mid-June when you told me
nothing had changed

Friday wanes and fireworks go off
moons rise and set and all the kids
keep dancing
’til the sun rises


6 thoughts on “Date night ditty

  1. The poem has a mesmeric quality. The refrain emphasises the contrast and the attendant mood, makes it haunting. The imagery and metaphor of cavalry are stunning. One of the very best from you, I am bookmarking this one for future rereads.

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