Make a wish at daybreak

split the sky

The fog lifts from the top of the corn
just ready to be picked
the long damp fingers reaching out to the roads
the moist touch of morning
coating the car as we pass
headlights like cat’s eyes
peering through the vapor

Glancing to the low places
my mind is glittered with thoughts
of fairies dancing in the foam
concocting their schemes
their wings dotted with the
facets of diamonds
in the face of a rising sun

My thoughts must stay on the road
but my own fairy sits on the dashboard
her tutu puffed out and glistening
spinning pirouettes
across the dash and fluttering
hovering near the auxiliary lights

Such riches as we continue on
a knife through butter
splitting the air
taking with us the fairy dust
like sugar on tea cakes
our wishes like those of children
as we begin our day


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