Monday Random: imminent disaster

  • It has been a while since we’ve convened on a Monday, hasn’t it? Let’s do this
  • First I wanted to tell you that I got a little sick from eating a bitter zucchini.
  • Apparently, this is called curcurbit poisoning
  • I found the information while looking for ways to curb the flavour of a zucchini that was particularly bitter i.e. like in the way that you make eggplant palatable
  • This is very rare, so don’t be scared, just take note if your squash tastes bitter
  • You can lose your hair
  • You can die from it

  • I just got a bad tummy and subsequent lower g.i. trouble
  • Moving on:

This is a great animation that got me going this morning, to the music of New Order


  • Oh, and Happy Autumn!
  • Another alarming thing that happened last week was at my church–another girl and I were hanging outside before driving off, and she smelled gas
  • We told our minister and I found out days later that not only was there an outside gas leak, in a residential area, but there was a leak in the kitchen as well that led to some work in there
  • I must say I spent some quality quiet time thinking about what might have happened
  • I knew someone once who had a family member who got blown up in a gas explosion
  • I also had something that felt much like influenza this past week, but it seems like this post has only negative things so I wasn’t going to include that tidbit
  • A local train flew buy in the wee hours a few days back, blowing hard on his whistle at 5 a.m.
  • I told my husband that I had worried there might be someone on the tracks because he never passes by with a whistle in that area as there is no intersection with a road
  • Plus the next day, there were crows hanging out in that area making a big loud fuss for hours
  • My husband laughed
  • This, from a man who believes that aliens might have come here and abducted some of us
  • Okay
  • haha
  • I think he has become accustomed to my expansive imagination and passes things off quickly that I imagine may have happened
  • I do get that
  • Smile, it’s another Monday, another do-over, let’s do this



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