what do you want to know
I see you watching
the movements I make
so deliberately
you never see me
for I know you are there

I suppose it is the kinks
that attract you
or maybe the supposed innocence
you sense in my eyes
but I know too much
if it is incorruption
you’re looking for

too much time has passed
for me to get that look back
the regret fogging over
the twisted part of my brain
always making something dirty
out of it
out of your words
supposedly innocent

and other words
like redemption and mercy, and
seem to escape your notice
for they are not shiny
and do not stroke you
when the nights
are just too long


8 thoughts on “scopophiliac

  1. Your perspective on relationships never ceases to amaze me, teach me, and entertain me. I think those are the three criteria for awesomeness, which you possess in abundance. Awesome on, my amazing, poet friend. Awesome on.


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