Monday random

  • Have I mentioned how much I love bullet points?
  • I have a tendency to go on and veer off-topic, and, what’s the phrase for it?
  • Oh right, I go off on tangents
  • These little points keep my tangents brief, still allowing me the pasture my mind seems to covet
  • It is funny really, as, inside me, there is an orderly person trying to get out
  • Just like I prefer wide open spaces in a home, expanses of carpet and minimal, comfortable furniture
  • Only what is needed
  • No you may not see a photo of my home
  • or my desk

  • Speaking of which, I didn’t want to talk about cleanliness
  • I wanted to talk about Country music
  • Secretly, I love many old country songs, and a few new ones, but mostly pre-80’s
  • I prefer the original ‘I Will Always Love You,’ by Dolly Parton before the one by Whitney
  • I do love Whitney, don’t get me wrong, but that was written by Dolly for someone she loved, and that got to me
  • This is why I stopped listening to country:
  • We lived for most of a year in an apartment building with 4 units
  • The family below us argued if he was home, or listened to country music constantly if she was alone
  • This was 1991-2, when The Judds were HUGE, again, nothing wrong with the Judds
  • But a girl can only take so much. I love taco’s too, but I’d like some chicken soup now and then, or maybe a nice pizza or omelet
  • Day and night. Loud.
  • Oh wait, that isn’t all. Guess what else came out in 1992?
  • Achey Breaky Heart
  • Again, the first five times I heard it, it was a cute song. But after 500, I had my fill of all things country for a while
  • Back to clutter, on that same note, I don’t care for too much clutter in reading or writing, which includes prefaces and epilogues
  • So this is to say, I do like some country music, especially anything at all ever recorded by George Jones and Patsy Cline
  • One of my poems turned out to be lyrics ,without music, so far, and I wanted to share it with you. It will be my following post
  • It has an insufficient title, but it is a work in progress
  • This is the preface to that post. Ha! look at me, hypocrisy
  • Yep, I wasn’t born a Gemini but I do seem to have two personalities bickering over dumb things

I hope you have a great Monday! Keep cool and be cool–



8 thoughts on “Monday random

  1. I’m getting caught up, reading this on a Tuesday night. Enjoyed very much – we have a lot in common, especially the music. I miss the OLD country music – the ballads.
    Hope you’re having a good week! 🙂


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